Loyal_Chivette: Twitter Tease

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 Loyal Chivette: Twitter Tease

The Ultimate Twitter Tease: @Loyal_Chivette

My introduction to @Loyal_Chivette was totally by accident.

I just happened to find the most amazing picture for the Top 10 Sexy Military Women post. At first I thought it was just a miracle that such a sexy and relevant picture existed, but friend of the blog NudesForTroops told me it was a woman known only to the world as @Loyal_Chivette.

Ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan of @Loyal_Chivette and all the sexy pictures she’s always tweeting of herself.

I know there’s no such thing as the Best Body On Twitter award, but if there was, I’d nominate @Loyal_Chivette.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as the Best Twitter Tease award either. Probably for the best because @Loyal_Chivette would crush the competition every single year. My favorite thing about her pictures is that they’re always a tease. When you spend as much time on Sex.com as I do, you can lose sight of that a tease can be just as sexy as full nudity.

This babe has two rules:

  1. No bush
  2. No nips

That may seem like a rip off, but it’s not. These pictures are so sexy that you won’t even know you’re missing bush or nips:


Best damn Twitter Tease ever.

Do yourself a favor and follow @Loyal_Chivette!

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