Make A Condom Bouquet This Valentine’s Day!


Nothing says, “Let’s fuck” like a bouquet of condoms

Buying a bouquet of flowers is a Valentine’s Day staple, but since no one buys flowers for any occasion other than Valentine’s Day or funerals, it’s tough to know which flowers to buy especially because flowers all have different meanings.

Just look at roses! Every single color of rose has its own meaning. A single red rose means, “I love you.” Pink roses mean, “Thank you.” Yellow roses mean, “Joy.”

Since a new study by showed us earlier this week that two-thirds of men and 30 percent of women would rather have hot, passionate sex on Valentine’s Day rather than get a gift, you need a bouquet of flowers that say, “Let’s Fuck.” And nothing says, “Let’s Fuck” like a bouquet of condoms.

All you need is green pipe cleaners, colored tape, condoms, and this demo video on how to make a bouquet of condoms:

Giving your sweetheart a bouquet of condoms will not only impress your significant other (because everyone loves a homemade gift) but you’ll also be well prepared for the marathon of hot, passionate sex you’re about to have.

Just two things to remember.

#1. Make sure the condom hasn’t ripped or been punctured in the construction process before you use it.

#2. Think of me when you’re reaching for a condom from the bouquet and having the best Valentine’s Day sex of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Published on: February 13, 2014

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