How To Make Shower Sex More Pleasurable

Sex in a shower should be one of the greatest things ever.

Two soaking wet, warm bodies coming together in a steamy room. However, if you’ve ever had shower sex then you know that it’s not nearly as good as it looks.

It’s cramped, slippery, and you’re totally screwed if you end up in the cold spot.

So today, I’d like to share with you a few tips that can help make shower sex as good as it looks.

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First thing you all need to know is that warm water dries out your skin.

You’re probably thinking, “No it doesn’t. I felt warm water and it definitely made me wet.” Well dingus, how do you explain getting all pruney when you’ve been in the shower or bath too long? That happens to your skin because it dries out.

One of the problems with shower sex is that it can dry out the skin of a woman’s vagina making penetration painful. That’s why if you don’t already have a non-water based (silicone-based) lubricant on hand, you should go get some for the next time you have sex in the shower.

I know it seems contradictory but lube is the best thing for shower sex.


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One of my biggest problems with shower sex is the fear of slipping and killing myself.

How can I focus on pleasuring all these wet babes with death looming at me?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s felt this way or had a close call during shower sex. But don’t worry! I have a solution.

Before you both jump in the shower for steaming hot shower sex, lay an old towel on the floor of the shower. This might ruin your old towel but who cares? It’s old. You need a new towel anyways.

Laying an old towel down for shower sex will provide you with more traction and stability for shower sex than plain old tile or a regular bathmat. So that means the only slipping and sliding you’ll need to worry about is the entering and exiting of the penis from the vagina.

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I wish I could tell you about the best sex positions for shower sex but unfortunately there are none.

Showers are not created equally, neither are humans. Too much depends on the layout of your shower and your own flexibility.

I recommend browsing through our collection of sex positions to find one that might work best for you: SEX POSITIONS.

Just remember not to hog the hot water in whatever sex position you settle on because it’s a pain.

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Finally, the best thing you can do to make shower sex more pleasurable is not have sex!

Sorry to be such a buzz kill but sometimes it’s better to leave logistically complicated things to professionals, shower sex being one of these things.

And when I say “not have sex”, I specifically mean penetrative vaginal or anal sex.

Now, you shouldn’t assume that you should not be showering together as often as possible. Washing each other, making out in the shower, even going down on each other in the shower are still awesome for foreplay. However, for the main event of sex, there’s no shame in towelling off and going to the bedroom (or bathroom sink).

Having sex in the shower isn’t nearly as good as watching people have sex in a shower. So leave it to the pros and spare yourself the dangers, dry skin, and heat exhaustion that can come with having shower sex.

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