Is This Malena Morgan Having Sex With A Dude On Webcam?

Glamor model Malena Morgan is the definition of a knockout.

She’s a Twisty’s Treat of the Month, a Penthouse Pet of the Month and just all around one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen pose nude in front of a camera. For evidence of this claim, just look at the 7 Malena Morgan pictures and GIFs below:

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Isn’t Malena Morgan the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen?

Of course, being so gorgeous has allowed Malena Morgan a certain amount of freedom. While most girls in porn start with solo masturbation scenes and lesbian sex videos, eventually they need to up the ante and star in massive gang bangs.

Malena Morgan is different. She’s been able to get steady work without ever having to do hardcore boy/girl videos and pictures (even though everyone would surely love to see that).

Some of you might just brush that off thinking that Malena Morgan is a lesbian and wouldn’t want to shoot porn videos with men and therefore if she did, they would be awful. However, Malena Morgan was asked what her sexual preference was in an interview and she replied, “Both. 75% to the guys.” Mathematically speaking, women only make up 25% of Malena Morgan’s sexual preference. So why then does she refuse to shoot porn videos

When Malena’s star was still rising, she appeared in a handjob scene with Rachel Steele.¬†We could only find a GIF of that scene on, but you’ll get the idea just from the GIF. Malena Morgan’s only recorded contact with a man in a porn video:

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Since then, the closest we’ve ever come to seeing Malena Morgan go hardcore was when she fucked three hyper-realistic dildos in a shower for Twistys. Check out that gallery here: Malena Morgan, All Three For Me.

Before Malena Morgan found success posing for nude photos and starring in lesbian sex videos, she was a well-established webcam model. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out much more about her time as a webcam model, but we did find this grainy, webcam video that appears to be Malena Morgan fucking a guy.

At least, we think it’s Malena Morgan. It’s hard to see her face due to the framing and the video quality is truly quite terrible. The bird tattoo on her bikini line seems to match, but that’s about all we have to go on. Plus there’s no audio, which totally sucks. But hey, you get what you pay for. And we didn’t pay for anything. In fact, the main thing you can see is the “not authorized to be recorded” watermark. So be cool, ok? We’re trying to do you a favor.

Complaints about the video quality and the lack of audio aside, this might be the Malena Morgan sex tape we’ve always prayed. The real question is now…why doesn’t Malena Morgan have sex on camera at all anymore? God knows I’d be happy to pay for a hardcore Malena Morgan video.

So is this grainy webcam video the long, lost Malena Morgan hardcore video we’ve always wanted? Watch the video, decide for yourself, discuss in the comments.

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Last thing: would it be a good idea or bad idea to start a petition pleading that Malena Morgan take the plunge into hardcore porn? Please discuss in the comments.

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  • Daniel V.
  • humberto987

    hm i dont think that thats her..look at the tatoo!its on the worng side of the ribs!

  • chicodusto

    Nice find! Thank you.

  • chicodusto

    Good point, but don’t certain webcams shoot everything with a mirror effect?

  • 1193

    Doesn’t the wristwatch usuallt go on the left arm? The guy in the video has it on his right arm which might be sign that it is mirrored.

  • chicodusto

    Lol. The code has been cracked.

  • OneHappyJacker

    It’s her. Videos are easily and frequently flipped electronically, reversing left and right. The bird tattoo was not done yet when this video was shot, although there appears to be something small in that area. Who else COULD it be? No one else ca be mistaken for her. There are only so many gorgeous models in the world, and we recognize them all. It’s her. Malena, you’re truly beautiful. There is no shame in sex. Please give your fans more good scenes so we can worship your beauty with pleasure and ecstasy. Beauty such as yours deserves to be worshipped esthetically and sexually. LOVE YOU!

  • chicodusto

    Well said sir.

  • Jon Dough

    She only does cam work now. She’s been retired from filming for a while.

  • clubglamour

    it sure looks like her, anyone know her old webcam name(s)

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  • Phil Blank

    Several have similar tattoos.
    I’m about to give up on her.
    She’s great, but hell, I’ve been eating pussy for 40 years, do I really need to see her do it?

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