Malena Morgan Strips Off Her Dress

Malena Morgan

Malena Morgan

Last time we saw Malena Morgan on the Blog, we learned the secret to Malena’s perfect body.

Now she’s got some new pictures from Twisty’s that really showcase that perfect body.

Do yourself a favor and bask in the beauty that is Malena Morgan: 


Is it just me or does Malena Morgan belong in the Smithsonian?

Maybe not the Smithsonian but she definitely belongs in some kind of museum. Maybe the Museum of Natural History?

The text next to her exhibit would be:

“Malena Morgan: The closest thing to physical perfection in human history.”

Then at night, the Malena Morgan exhibit would come to life and sex me up. Because I’m the museum’s night watchman in this Malena Morgan museum fantasy.

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Published on: October 12, 2013

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  • A Khan

    Hey What a image is this i liked you look so sexist&hotest

  • AXessTube


  • InOutRepeat

    Nice fantasy you got there. ;)

    Yeah, Malena is perfection, but that’s for today. We will find others to fuel our fantasies as time passes. Some will always stand out for making us guys stand out. Malena is one of them to be sure.

    I appreciate that she works hard on that body. It gives me a hard body, too.

    I think it’s the tats, though, that make her so instantly recognizable. I have seen some of her pre-tat pics and it took a bit for me to think, “Wait – that’s Malena!” Otherwise, I think Malena has a kind of perfect beauty that might actually cause her to be overlooked as a person rather than just a sex toy. So in that regard, I honor her ink additions.

    It does however add a bit of credibility to having little nuances that really stand out. Kennedy Leigh is a perfect example of what I mean there. Deadly adorable and instantly recognizable.

    Thanks for the great pics, Chico!