This Map Highlights all of the Dirty-Named Places in the World

Feeling depressed because it’s Monday morning and life sucks and you’re at work for another long-ass week?  Well turn that frown upside down, dummy!

If you’ve watched every episode of the Simpsons (BEFORE SEASON 12, OBVIOUSLY) like I have, then perhaps you will remember this little exchange between Superintendent Chalmers, Principal Skinner, and El Barto himself:

Bart Simpson: Hey, Chalmers, where are you from?

Superintendent Chalmers: Well, I was born in Queens, went to Ball state, then made the move to Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Uh, why do you ask?

[Bart is about to say something when Skinner Quickly puts his hand over his mouth]

Principal Skinner: Uh, don’t worry, sir. I’ll teach these children some respect for their town. I’m assigning each of you 20 hours of Community Service.

[the children walk offstage, groaning and moaning]

Ralph: Intercourse?

Superintendent Chalmers: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to my vacation at Lake Titicaca. Try to make a joke out of that, Mr. Smart Guy.

[Bart looks at Skinner, and Skinner waves his hands “no”]

But beyond the hilarious Lake Titicacas and Ball States, there’s an almost endless array of hilariously and crudely named locations from around the world.

‘Gil Powers,’ you might be asking  me, ‘but how am I supposed to keep all of these places straight in my brain, which is already so filled with garbage – how is one supposed to distinguish the geographical difference between the city of Dong in China, and Longdong Avenue, also in China?”  Fear not, because some intellectual genius has made this interactive map to keep you organized:

Bookmark this map.  Peruse at your leisure.  Report back in the comments with your favourite spots.  Also, look at these flag babes.  That’ll cheer you up on a Monday even further:

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