McKayla Maroney Is 18, So It’s OK To Follow Her On Instagram


McKayla Maroney

You may remember McKayla Maroney from the 2012 London Olympiad, where her dissatisfied expression upon winning silver in the vault finals sparked an Internet sensation known as “McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed“.

Lately, McKayla Maroney’s hasn’t been “not impressed”. Instead, she’s been Instagramming lots of sexy selfies. Is it to show that she is not that¬†unimpressed? Is this just what hot teens do on a regular basis? Is it to show us all that she’s actually super hot?¬†

Whatever the reason for McKayla Maroney’s reason for abandoning her bitch-face for a more attractive one, I’m super down with it. Since you’re on the internet right now, I’m just going to assume that you have Instagram. And if you do, you better follow McKayla Maroney (@mckaylamaroney) because she turned 18 last December, which means that it’s OK for you to follow her on Instagram.

Let us now partake in McKayla Maroney’s sexy Instagram pics and hopes that she absolutely destroys Rio 2016.

If these selfies aren’t doing it for you, then remember that this babe is an Olympic gymnast. I.E. she’s very flexible and nubile.

If that information doesn’t do anything for you, then I cannot help you.


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Published on: April 2, 2014

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