Measure B passes & we don’t like it.

Jessica Drake and James Deen abide by the new law

As you may have heard, there was an election last night and it was pretty exciting. Here are a few things that you need to know:

  • Barack Obama will be the President of the United States for another four years.
  • Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado.
  • Measure B passed in Los Angeles County

The first two bits of news might make you real happy or real sad, either way it doesn’t matter because Measure B passing effects us all in the worst possible way. Measure B requires porn actors to wear condoms on movie sets!

Pornographers will have to apply and pay for a permit from the Los Angeles County Department of Health in order to shoot videos and photos. Department of Health employees will also make random inspections to porn sets to ensure condoms are being worn. If they don’t comply, they will be fined.

Measure B, also known as the “County of Los Angeles Safer Sex In The Adult Film Industry Act”, was proposed to protect porn stars from STIs as well as the general public. While this Blog does agree that STIs aren’t cool, porn stars are tested for STIs every 15 days. Roughly 350,000 scenes have been shot without condoms since 2004, and HIV has not been transmitted once. There was a syphilis outbreak in the summer that shut down production, however that was an isolated case where a male porn star, Mr. Marcus, had forged his tests.

The frequent testing system works. I’m surprised that 56 percent of voters want their tax dollars paying for health officials taking field trips down to porn sets. Don’t schools need funding or the environment need saving?

Dr. Allan Ronald told the New York Times when asked about the current testing system that, “I don’t think there’s any question that it works.”

In the months leading up to the vote, many porn stars came out in opposition of Measure B. Because they are working with their bodies, they should have the right to choose how it is presented. Very few people other than these stars know what’s like to shoot sex scenes and the general consensus is that it’s very uncomfortable to film a sex scene with a condom on.

“The average length of intercourse for most Americans is 10 minutes,” Nina Hartley, porn veteran since 1984, told the New York Times. “…it’s 30 to 60 minutes of thrusting. It doesn’t matter how much lube you use, it’s uncomfortable, it’s a friction burn, and it opens up lesions in the genital mucosa. I could handle two to three condom scenes a month. But actors are paid by the scene, and I couldn’t do three in a week.” According to Nina (who is a bonafide authority on all things sex and porn), Measure B sounds more harmful to performers both physically and financially. Guaranteed chaffing instead of risking an infection and working less due to discomfort. Way to go LA.

And then there’s the money issue. The fact is, porn fans don’t like seeing condoms in porn. After an HIV scare in 1998, Vivid Entertainment mandated condoms in all their movies for two years. They saw their sales drop 30 percent in those two years.

Already, the porn industry is suffering from piracy. If they now put out a product that no one wants to buy, they’re going to be in trouble. The “No On Measure B” movement is hoping to appeal in court, however the porn industry could just as easily leave Southern California. Interestingly enough, California, Florida, and New Hampshire are the only states where it is legal to film pornography. But really, anything goes in Nevada so the industry could be moving there. What repercussions could be felt when a billion dollar industry picks up and leaves?

I know we’ve done a few posts on Measure B but it’s a really stupid law. I can’t believe it passed. Just let the porn industry do its own thing.

Those two other pieces of news are pretty cool though, right?

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