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If you check this blog often, you should know quite a bit about Measure B.

If not, Measure B is the L.A. County ordinance introduced last November to make all condoms mandatory for adult performers.

It’s a controversial issue to say the least.

Policy makers and health officials who are for Measure B believe that making condoms mandatory will promote safe-sex and diminish the risk of disease among adult performers.

People working in the adult industry think that condoms will be bad for business, that it’s a waste of tax-payer money, and that shooting with condoms can be logistically complicated.

Now you have a very basic understanding of the Measure B issue. So let’s watch as Diane Duke, CEO of Free Speech Coalition; adult performers Danny Wylde and Steven St. Croix; Michael Fattorosi, an adult entertainment attorney; and Mark McGrath, policy and research analyst of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation go at it on a (recorded) live stream via The Huffington Post.

Note: I know I should be posting sexy videos but if you like porn, Measure B is an important topic to follow because it could change the pornography we know and love for better or for worse.

If I may, I’d like to bring up some observations from the debate.

It’s too bad that Mark McGrath (who has really let himself go since the days when Sugar Ray was the like the best band in the world) was the only person there arguing for Measure B. Even though the host specifically told all opposed to Measure B to go easy on him, he was at a disadvantage for the entire debate because he was all alone. So, unfortunately the debate’s legitimacy is questionable. But hey, it’s The Huffington Post. Was I really expecting some fair, thought-out, balanced journalism?

Anyways, he shot himself in the foot in his first talking point by saying that Hollywood animal actors get treated better than adult performers. I’m sure Hollywood animal actors get pampered by their trainers because they’re animals. They don’t have any agency or life skills like humans do. That’s why they’re pampered, ya dingus.

Even though the debate had a pro-porn, anti-Measure B bias, it does reinforce the idea that Measure B has no grounds to exist. What was wrong with the regular testing? Other than the fact that the bill was footed to the performers. The people in charge of making policies that affect the porn industry should be veterans or semi-active performers. Is that such a bad idea? I mean the porn industry is pretty unique so it would make sense because the current policy makers clearly don’t know how to approach it.

I wonder if L.A. County would go for a Department of Porn? Or like Liaison to the Adult Industry?

If they would, I think it’s pretty obvious that Steven St. Croix deserves the job. Let him figure this shit out because everyone else seems like a real dingus (except Danny Wylde, of course).

If the opportunity ever arises, I’m voting for this guy:

Steven St. Croix

Steven St. Croix

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