Mellisa Clarke: Sexy Goth

Melissa Clarke sexy beach babe goth

Melissa Clarke

Summer can be hard for goths.

They have to deal with sunshine and good vibes all summer long. Let me tell you, sunshine and good vibes are two things that don’t go well with goth culture.

Normally I would just feel bad for goths in the summer time. However, while scrolling through pages and pages of free porn on, I came across Mellisa Clarke posing on the beach (specifically, the sexy Mellisa Clarke picture at the beginning of this post).

For all intents and purposes, Mellisa Clarke is goth.

Feel free to tell me otherwise in the comments, but the truth is I don’t care. I really do not care if she doesn’t actually listen to Bauhaus or if she’s never seen The Crow or whatever goths are into these days. Melissa Clarke looks sort of goth, which is good enough for me.

Just be happy that I didn’t choose Kate Upton for this beach goth Babe of the Day.

Anyways, seeing Mellisa Clarke’s sexy beach pic on got me thinking…

Why are there no sexy goths hanging at the beach? There’s nothing I like better than incongruity and a sexy goth at the beach is full of incongruity.

In general, where are all the sexy goths?

They used to be all over the high school.

I’m making Mellisa Clarke (the sexiest goth of all time) Babe of the Day on the condition that the sexy goths of the world come out of hiding. We love your pale skin, dark hair, and bleak outlook on life and humanity.

For anyone who doubts that goths can be sexy, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mellisa Clarke, the babe of the day: 

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I just thought of something.

I think I know where are the sexy goths are.

They’ve been poached by Suicide Girls and being held captive with exclusive contracts. Why Suicide Girls? Why won’t you share your sexy goths?

Thank god the sexiest goth, Mellisa Clarke, is out getting nude on beaches.

See you at the beach sexy goths!

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Published on: June 19, 2013

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  • InOutRepeat

    As someone who tans quite easily and enjoys copious amounts of totally naked time in the sun, I’ve not always understood the allure of pale skin. For one, I think it tends to accentuate certain unfortunate, yet very human skin conditions. Like surface veins, for instance.

    And yet Melissa and some other Goth Girls I’ve seen here on and feeder sites (all sites are now just sources for this one, right?) make a compelling statement for those of the fairest complexion. I think, too, it takes special effort on the part of the photographer to find just the right circumstance, and then work it correctly to really make the subject “pop.” An absolutely brilliant example of that in everyday advertising is the Revlon campaign featuring the stunning Emma Stone. Emma seems to literally glow and shimmer with an inner ethereal light that just took my breath away first time I saw her in a Revlon ad.

    I had that same breathless sense when I saw the poolside pic of Melissa you posted here. Such absolute perfection of skin tone and the way in which it literally becomes the radiant sunlight in that summertime scene.

    Of course, being a guy, those absolutely perfect, borderline petite breasts with adorable little button nipples may have been largely responsible for my breathlessness. ;)

    Regardless, Goth Girls really must find the light of day now and then. Out of the darkness, they BECOME the light.

  • Chico Dusty

    What’s up with this Revlon Ad with Emma Stone? Sounds great.

  • InOutRepeat
  • InOutRepeat

    Although, as a slight disclaimer, it looks fine as a little YouTube video, but put it on a living room set at 720 or 1080 and you’ve really got something!

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  • Chico Dusty

    No disclaimer necessary. Emma Stone looks fucking amazing.

    I have to go buy 1 million dollars worth of Revlon now.