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This edition of Porno P.I., where we try to figure out what happened to some of our favorite former pornstars, comes from Al. Apologies to HungDong who suggested we do Keri Sable and Tiffany Rayne and many others that yielded unpublishable blog posts. HungDong, thank you again for your suggestions and sorry I couldn’t get them all. 

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What do you get when you combine Nic Cage’s character from Gone In Sixty Seconds Memphis Raines with Marilyn Monroe?

You get the finest, bustiest, and bestest pornstar to ever come out of New Orleans, Memphis Monroe.

Memphis Monroe started performing in porn movies in April 2005 when she was twenty years old and in that same year was the second pornstar ever to sign an exclusive contract with Hustler (FYI, the first girl ever was Jessica Jaymes).

Fans of porn pictures and porn movies fell in love with Memphis Monroe‘s huge boobs, 36DD’s, but suddenly in 2008 they were seeing less and less of them. So, what happened to Memphis Monroe?   

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So as I mentioned, in 2008 people were wondering what happened to Memphis Monroe.

There were all kinds of crazy rumours floating around the message-boards. People said that she had moved to Mexico, that she was an escort charging $150,000 for a date, that she had died in a freak gardening accident, etc. Memphis Monroe hopped on the message-boards herself to clear the air.

Here’s what she had to say:

I just wanted to post and let you guys know the true story, coming from my mouth 

I found out sometime in Feb my husband and I were expecting. Over the first couple of weeks, my levels weren’t looking good and the baby did not show up on the Ultra Sounds, which was really bothersome. After a few more weeks, lots of blood tests, I was trying to be hopefully but, it did not seem good for the baby.

On the day I was supposed to travel east to Feature Dance at a Club, I wore up at 6am with terrible stomach pains and could not get off the floor. It made me deathly ill feeling and my husband had to carry me into the car and into the hospital. I could not walk it hurt so bad.

The Dr. had determined I had internal bleeding someone around my tubes near my uterus (sorry for the graphics). This was not a good sign and I knew I had had an ectopic pregnancy (when a pegnancy develops outside the uterus, normally attaching itself to the tube wall). So they had to do immediate surgey to remove the baby and fix the bleeding.

So that is the story, I laid in bed for weeks after and could not work for almost 2 months. I never did any type of “side work” while being pregnant or anything like that.

I am in perfect health now and I recovered great.

I do appreciate the emails and the concern, I just wanted to give some closure to the subject.

I am shooting a ton of scenes for Brazzers now and Glad to be back

Sorry for that graphic explanation but things aren’t always pretty when we do Porno P.I.’s.

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Memphis Monroe posted that message on October 16th, 2008.

In the same thread on September 6th, 2010, when people were asking what had happened to her again, male pornstar Kieran Lee confirmed that Memphis Monroe was retired and having a baby.

It’s unclear to me now if Memphis Monroe‘s pregnancy in 2008 was a miscarriage or not. If it had been a miscarriage, I can understand why she would want to leave the industry to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

And even if she didn’t have a miscarriage in 2008, another pregnancy means a bigger family. At the end of the day, it’s hard to balance family and the adult industry. Choosing family over the adult industry just makes sense.

Either way, Memphis Monroe is no longer a pornstar. She’s busy being a mother. So I guess technically she needs to be added to that long list of MILFs I’ve been working on.

This is the part of Porno P.I.’s where we revisit some of our favorite scenes. Hopefully you’re not too weirded out by her ectopic pregnancy to enjoy this:


Memphis Monroe busts her big tits out for a work-out fuck

Fuck and facial at the gym for Memphis Monroe


Memphis Monroe, big ass & big tits


Naughty Housewife with big tits Memphis Monroe


Memphis Monroe and Audrey Bitoni hot threesome group sex


Ok guys. I’ve lost track of who we’re doing next for Porno P.I.‘s.

Is it Krystal Steal?

Who do you want to see investigated?

And it’s not limited to retirements either. Any questions or gossip you’ve heard from within the porn industry, let me know and I want to try and get the truth out there.

Just leave a comment with your thought.s

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  • kingrim

    Fuck that sucks about her preggo.

    She still fine as hell though.


    love these porno pis.

  • Chico Dusty

    Porno ?’s?

  • Chico Dusty

    And she’s doing fine! So everything’s good.

  • dinggler

    i think the next girl was jaylynn sins.

  • dinggler

    hey can u check out isabella dior too? she’s been awol for a while…

  • Chico Dusty

    Jaylynn Sins it is! There’s a special post that might be out Friday or possibly Monday in the same vein as the Jessie Rogers retirement post.

    I can’t tell you much because it’s all speculation at the moment but just watch this and prepare for a bittersweet post:

  • Chico Dusty

    After the special post and Jaylynn Sins, it’s Isabella Dior.

  • dinggler

    you are both a gentleman and a scholar

  • dinggler

    no! not lily carter too! say it ain’t so!

  • Chico Dusty

    I am neither of these things but I appreciate you saying this.

  • Chico Dusty

    I can’t comment on this right now. Check back this evening.

  • Isa

    Practically all ectopic pregnancies are miscarriages, so yes, she had a miscarriage. There are only a handful of ectopic pregnancies where the baby lived (and the mother as it’s very dangerous to have a baby outside the uterus) and nearly none were full-term meaning those medical wonders were premature, so they needed to stay in hospital, may have respiratory problems, underdeveloped brains and stuff like that. In all cases – the normal miscarriage and the extremely unlikely medical wonder – an ectopic pregnancy is a very good reason to drop out of the job.

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  • orland3

    is very beautiful, one of my favorite