Men Burn More Calories During Sex


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As you all know, sex can be a form of exercise. But the real question is who can benefit the most from sexercise? Men or women?

According to new research from the University of Quebec in Montreal, men burn more calories during sex than women.

The researchers equipped 21 heterosexual couples between the ages of 18 and 35 with fitness trackers and asked them to undergo 30 minutes on a treadmill to set a baseline measure for their calorie expenditure. Afterwards, they were sent home to have sex with the fitness trackers on. It is still unclear as to why the participants had to be sent home to have sex rather than be filmed having sex at the lab.

Sex sessions lasted roughly 25 minutes (10 minutes was the shortest and 1 hour was the longest) and men burned 4.2 calories a minute during sex whereas the women only burned 3.1 calories a minute. So after 25 minutes of sex, a man will have burned approximately 100 calories and a woman would have only burned 69 calories.

Isn’t this amazing news? I had always hoped to be able to burn calories by laying motionless in bed while an attractive woman grinded up on me. Thank you UQAM and thank you science.


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Published on: November 14, 2013

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