What Men and Women Regret After Sex


Sex and Regret

Maybe it’s just me, but for me sex is synonymous with regret. If you ever have the misfortune of seeing my naked body, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

But I’ve always been curious to know what people regret most about their sex lives. Thankfully a new study from the University of Texas and the University of California, Los Angeles has found out what men and women regret most about sex. And the results are going to shock the pants off of you.

Men most often regret not having sex with more people. Not all that surprising because 99% of men are trying to fuck you right now.

Women most often regret having sex with the wrong partner. Also not surprising because women are only human and with men constantly trying to fuck them, they’re bound to hook up with a couple of duds or creeps.

The researchers blame these regrets on the evolutionary process of reproduction. “For men throughout evolutionary history, every missed opportunity to have sex with a new partner is potentially a missed reproduce opportunity — a costly loss from an evolutionary perspective,” said Martie Haselton, a UCLA social psychology professor who worked on the study.

Yeah…that’s what it is…

It’s not because we’re super horny all the time. That’s definitely not the reason.

Besides not having sex with more people, the three main sexual regrets for men were: being too timid when approaching a potential sexual partner, not being more sexually adventurous while young, and not being more sexually adventurous while single.

So men, now you know that you should have sex with lots of people, try new things sexually while young and single, and be confident. Men everywhere will thank you.

The other main sexual regrets for women were: losing their virginity to the wrong person, cheating on a past or present partner, and moving too fast sexually.

All reasonable things to regret. Good job, women.

Interestingly enough, the study found that more women included “having sex with a physically unattractive partner” as a sexual regret than men.

The report was based on three studies with a total of about 25,000 people and the findings were published in the current issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior, an academic journal.

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Published on: November 27, 2013

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