Miley Cyrus New Music Video Looks Like a Sex Tape

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Miley Cyrus music video / sex tape

Miley Cyrus released her third single from BANGERZ on Boxing Day (yesterday). It’s called “Adore You” and once again Miley comes through with a sexy new music video.

Rather than riding a wrecking ball in the nude, Miley takes a more low-key approach and just writhes around in bedsheets while playing with a videocamera and suggestively licking her fingers wearing only underwear. There’s also a bathtub scene that you can’t miss.

When I was watching it I was like, “WOAH. This looks like a Miley Cyrus sex tape if it was made by X-Art.” Unfortunately, it never goes full sex tape. But Miley is still hot so enjoy this super softcore Miley Cyrus sex tape masquerading as a music video:

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