Minka Kelly Sex Tape

Minka Kelly

If you followed Friday Night Lights, you definitely had a crush on Lyla Garrity. If you didn’t follow Friday Night Lights, you probably still have a crush on the actress who played Lyla Garrity, Minka Kelly.

Today, Minka Kelly joins the distinguished list of actresses to star in a sex tape. While it’s only being shopped around for the moment, there are a few details about the video that have been revealed:

  • The video is 30 minutes long
  • It was shot in New Mexico with her ex-boyfriend
  • The tape is fairly professional because the camera is mounted on a tripod and hooked up to a TV monitor to view the action as it happens
  • Minka is very aware of the camera (apparently in a good performance-way rather than a self-conscious way)
  • Two songs from Brandy’s “Never Say Never” are playing in the background

Four out of five of these details really sell the sex tape while the Brandy songs might be a big problem. Let me explain, “Never Say Never” was released on June 8, 1998. The album was released sixteen days before Minka Kelly’s eighteenth birthday, so there is a possibility that the tape was made while she was still a minor. If that is the case, do not view the tape!

However, if she is over eighteen, WE GOT TO GET THAT TAPE!

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Published on: July 23, 2012

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