Miranda Kerr Strips In New Reebok Ad


Miranda Kerr

If I could have a Freaky Friday-esque body swap with anyone in the world, I would swap bodies with Miranda Kerr.

Why Miranda Kerr? Because I feel like I am as good-looking, if not better looking, than Miranda Kerr. Of course, it’s very hard to compare the attractiveness of man to the attractiveness of a woman, but I’ve followed her for a while and I know that she’s exactly as good-looking as me.

So why swap bodies with someone who is just as attractive as me? Well because Miranda Kerr has an amazing life thanks to her looks, where as people go out of their way to disrespect me because I’m so handsome. So the way I see it, the transition would be easy for me. I’d be just as good looking but I’d also have a beautiful New York City brownstone and all the free Reebok shoes.

Speaking of Miranda Kerr’s beautiful New York City brownstone and free Reebok shoes, there’s a new Reebok commercial that features Miranda Kerr getting undressed. Let’s watch it now:

Those shoes look stupid. At least we got to see Miranda Kerr walking around in her panties.

Now if anyone can help me swap bodies with Miranda Kerr, I’ll repay you with free sex (either with my original body or Miranda’s body, the choice is yours).

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Published on: March 6, 2014

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