Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King sex video

Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King

Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King

The pageant world was rocked today when Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King gave up her crown.

Usually, people from Delaware are steady and boring just like the state they hail from. So why would Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King step down having only been crowned Miss Delaware in November?

Well, it’s a simple case of porn discrimination. A porn video surfaced yesterday that allegedly features Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King.

Instead of getting swept up in all the speculation, I thought it would be best for you to get the facts and watch the alleged scene yourself. Afterwards, you can make up your own goddamn mind.

So let’s watch this video! Don’t worry, the video was filmed in November shortly after she turned 18.

There’s definitely a resemblance between the girl in video and Melissa King, no doubt about that.

She even says in the pre-sex interview that she does pageants. And really, if it all there was only a physical resemblance she wouldn’t have stepped down. I think she was given the option to step down rather have her crown stripped of her when pageant officials found out about the porn video.

I think it’s a real shame that she had to give up her title just because she was in a porn video. I mean, she also said she needed the money. Pageants aren’t cheap.

Of course the organizers of the Miss Teen USA pageant could never allow a contestant to have appeared in a porn video because sponsors don’t like it and there’s a moral issue with appearing in porn.

But let me ask you this, is porn any more “demeaning” or objectifying to women than a beauty pageant? Beauty pageants just reinforce the idea that women should be valued by their physical appearance.

“What about the personality and talent portions?” you’re probably asking yourself.

C’mon, that’s just to save themselves from criticism.

The fact is porn accepts women of all body types, backgrounds, and ages over 18 should they choose to enter the industry. Where as beauty pageants demand that women diet, dress, and doll themselves up in a certain way to conform to conventional standards of beauty.

Maybe beauty pageants aren’t as graphic as the adult industry but they’re just as pornographic.

So, Melissa. We’re very sorry you had to step down but the truth is you don’t need those phonies.

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Published on: February 26, 2013

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