Money Shots with Tasha Reign

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IFP9hG4 Money Shots with Tasha Reign

Answer: Literally anywhere.

Hooray! Another episode of the Tasha Reign show!

In this episode, Tasha finds out where the fans in Las Vegas would shoot their load if they had to could choose any spot on a woman’s body. Personally, I love the question but it makes me sad to admit that I would probably just cum in my pants if it were ever asked directly to me.

Make sure to visit TashaReign.com either before or after this episode.

Screen Shot 2014 01 13 at 12.03.49 PM Money Shots with Tasha Reign

Now on to the show!

In case you missed it, watch episode 1 of the Tasha Reign Show here.

PS. Tasha Reign is a very busy young lady, so if you like the Tasha Reign and you’d like to see more, show your support in the comments!

More Tasha Reign Show coming this week so stay tuned!

Sharing Gets You Laid
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  • linus


    Love it so much <3.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/about/ Chico Dusty

    Thanks! Hopefully we can do more!

  • Kevin

    Love it! To answer your question darling Tasha, I’d like it from mouth to breast… then proceed to more dirty nastiness that most guys would not even dare conceive as being too disgusting. But I’m daring.

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