What’s the Most Overrated Sex Act?



This question may seem absurd – personally speaking, I have a really hard time calling ANY sex act overrated.  It’s sex after all.

For me, asking which sex act is the most overrated is like asking which flavour of Doritos is overrated – screw that, give me one bag of each so I can go home and eat them all silently in the dark.  What I’m trying to say is that I’m down for WHATEVER.  Lay it on me.  I can handle it.

Yes, that’s right, I’m not a picky guy.  If you’ve lost self-control or gone completely crazy for a few minutes and have decided to have sex with me for some reason, I’m not going to turn you away….and I’m not going to be stuck up about how you want to get down to business..

…Well unless you want to give me a handjob, but that’s obvious, because everyone hates handjobs.  Handjobs are like the Godfather III of sex acts – boring, tedious, unanimously the crappiest of the bunch.  I’m already predicting a runaway winner in this poll.  Prove me wrong! 

If I had to pick another overrated sex act, I would definitely choose blowjobs. Yes, that is correct, you heard me right, I think blowjobs are really overrated, so sue me. Maybe that makes me some kind of freak.  Maybe I’m some kind of sexless jerk.  I just don’t like them that much. They’re FINE.  As long as we’re moving on to something else after.  If handjobs are like Godfather 3, then blowjobs are like the first Star Wars movie.  I really like the first Star Wars movie.  If you put it on TV, I will certainly watch it and have a fantastic time doing so.  But let’s move on to Empire Strikes back, OK?

I guess my opinion boils down to this: every sex act is pretty awesome in its own special way. (except, as previously stated, handjobs.  Who the hell invented handjobs anyways?)

Which sex act do you think is the most overrated?

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Vaginal Sex

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If there’s a sex act that you find overrated that isn’t listed in the poll, let us know in the comments!

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