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Motorcycle Sex Caught On Tape!

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caprice nude on motorcycle 001 Motorcycle Sex Caught On Tape!

Motorcycle sex with Caprice is the dream

Is there anything cooler than a motorcycle?


Sex on a motorcycle.

I’ve often said that I want to die while having motorcycle sex. How could I go on living after accomplishing the greatest thing in the world?

Unfortunately, a couple in Russia has one-upped my dream of motorcycle sex before I even got the chance to ride a motorcycle. They were spotted having sex on a motorcycle while driving down the highway in broad daylight.

So not only did they have motorcycle sex, they had sex in public, they were watched, and they were in an extremely dangerous position.

The best part about it is that it was all caught on video. Let’s watch a Russian couple have motorcycle sex:

(The sex starts at about 48 seconds in)

How did that car know to pick her up?

This is the most impressive amateur sex video ever.

If only the dude on the motorcycle was wearing a Go-Pro, then we’d be in business.

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