Mr. Marcus Named as Source of Syphilis Scare

Mr. Marcus will no longer be known for his trademarked wearing a hat during a sex scene. That will be superseded by being the source of the porn industry’s 2012 syphilis scare.

Mr. Marcus, as usual, wearing a hat

He made a public apology at his San Fernando office with representatives from the Free Speech Coalition for altering the results of his STI test after he tested positive for syphilis.

In an emotional interview with XBIZ, Mr. Marcus admitted to making mistakes in the last few weeks but didn’t feel like he was endangering anyone while he was performing between July 24th and August 8th.

On July 12th, Mr. Marcus received his positive test result and was administered a penicillin shot the following day. He was told not to have sex for seven to ten days.

The performers Mr. Marcus worked with have been contacted and re-tested for syphilis. Luckily, they have tested negative.

For more details into the events, XBIZ’s interview is very comprehensive. You can read it here.

While doesn’t agree with test-altering, we have a lot of respect for Mr. Marcus for fessing up. Now that the source is known, professionals can get working on a genealogy and stop syphilis from spreading. Also, the magnitude of the scare will no doubt increase safety for performers. Without them healthy, we are nowhere.

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  • Cunt Hands

    You can call the porn industry what you wish, but this just goes to show that the industry is run and occupied by professionals who take their roles within it very seriously.

    Big ups to Mr. Marcus for manning up and accepting responsibility for his actions.

  • Chico Dusty

    The XBIZ article really puts the blame on the clinic’s staff. Sure they were trying to protect Mr. Marcus but that misinformation led to a huge problem.

    Big ups, for real.

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