Naughty Sailor Spencer Scott


Spencer Scott

Halloween is only nine days away and to get you excited for all the costumed debauchery that awaits, I’m making a special effort to share pictures of sexy babes in sexy costumes.

I would argue that this is better than actual Halloween because I can guarantee these sexy babes will strip off their sexy costumes. You might not be so lucky on Halloween.

Sorry, but it’s true!

You know what might make facing the sad reality of a sex-less Halloween a little better? A beautiful, busty, blonde like Spencer Scott posing in a naughty sailor costume.

Take a look at Spencer Scott stripping out of her naughty sailor costume and see if it makes you feel better:


I feel better. Somehow seeing Spencer Scott naked makes me forget about all my problems.

Big shoutout to Twisty’s for hooking Spencer Scott up with a naughty sailor costume. She looks freaking incredible.

If you liked these photos, there are a lot more (AND I MEAN A LOT MORE) here:

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Published on: October 22, 2013

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