New App helps you have sex with co-workers

In porn movies, the office is all about sex. No one does any work and they get to have sex on a desk. Wouldn’t it be great if real offices were like that? Believe it or not, the sex based office we know and love from pornography could be coming soon to real life with a new LinkedIn app called “BangWithProfessionals“.

Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

Though it is not yet available, the BangWithProfessionals app allows you to browse through your LinkedIn connections and choose which ones you would like to hook up with. If a co-worker or connection that you’re down to bang also chooses you, you’ll both be discreetly alerted and left to figure out where and when to sex (may I suggest break or conference room? Just make sure you lock the door).

Doesn’t this sound familiar? It should because it is the exact same app as the new BangWithFriends app for Facebook.

*In case you missed it, here’s our blog post about BangWithFriends, “Sex with Facebook friends is easy!

Social media should be used more for scoring sex dates with acquaintances but LinkedIn isn’t much of a social media site. It’s a social networking site for professional networking. And one thing that you never ever do is mix business with pleasure.

People don’t use LinkedIn to socialize, it’s primarily a tool to get people jobs or drive new business partnerships. Would professional people want to bang each other? Part of being professional is resisting the urge to bang. Otherwise it could be sexual harassment, which is a real pain in the neck. This is why I believe BangWithProfessionals isn’t as useful for casual sex as BangWithFriends.

My advice is if you want to have sex with a co-worker or colleague, add them to Facebook. Not only because BangWithFriends is a better app to discreetly organize casual sex but also because LinkedIn is too uptight to actually organize a sex date. People like to let it all hang out on Facebook.

But that’s just my opinion, what do you think?

Are apps that discreetly connect two people interested in having sex with each other the future of dating? We sure hope so. It’s definitely an easy, stress-free way of getting to have sex with someone. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long until we can bang with Twitter and Instagram followers.

Though we appreciate BangWithProfessionals‘s effort to make the porn sex office a reality, we’ll stick to trying to bang our Facebook friends.

I wonder how A$AP Rocky feels about LinkedIn bitches