New Sex Calculator Tells You How Many Calories You Burn During Sex


56.25 calories burned. Not bad. Going to have to go back for more.

Given the choice between exercise and sex, I can guarantee that 100% of you would choose to have sex over working out. After all, can’t sex be considered a work out? You’re moving during sex, you get sweaty during sex, you feel invigorated after sex. Sex is just like working out but 1 million times more fun.

To help convince people that sex can be classified as “moderate exercise”, a UK online pharmacy has just released a brand new online sex calculator that will guesstimate how many calories you’ve burned during sex based on your gender, body type, sex position, mood, and time spent in the sack.

Honestly, I wouldn’t take too much stock in the amount of calories the sex calculator tells you’ve burned. How can it accurately calculate calories burned with five generic categories? Don’t you have to be attached to some kind of heart-monitor to actually know the amount of calories burned?

Regardless, it’s a fun little tool to play with and it’s easy to share your results on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Sharing the number of calories you’ve burned during sex is infinitely more interesting and less stupid than sharing an #aftersex selfie. So go play with it now!


The Sex Calculator

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Published on: April 4, 2014

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  • boutiqueofsexytoys

    Better than going to the gym!

  • flamebandit

    could someone give me a link for the vid pleasee?