New Sex Toy, Gaga, Lets You See The Gross Insides of Your Body

Ever thought to yourself: man, I like using this dildo a lot, but I really wish that I could simultaneously see the inside of my own body in all of its fleshy glory while pleasuring myself?  If the answer to that question is yes, well, that’s kinda weird buddy.  But I won’t judge you, because I’ve seen much, much, much, much weirder shit while working at

The Gaga costs $180, which is pretty fucking steep for a sex toy.  But it includes the toy, a camera, a built-in light, as well as a USB charger and some other crap.  Personally, I don’t really see the appeal.  What if you stick it in your butt and see some poop?  Gross.

Yes, I just dropped a bit of a poop joke.  What up, readers?

Check out this weird, silly advertisement for further details about Gaga, the ground-breaking new technology that will no doubt change the world when it allows people to see a bunch of weird blurry pink and red stuff on their computer screen or TV monitor:

Apparently, the intention of the camera and toy is to promote women’s health care.  I don’t really see how a bunch of women quizzically looking at their own innards and trying to figure out exactly what the fuck is going on will promote women’s health care, but whatever.  I also doubt that gynecologists are going to rush out to buy these things, because that would be creepy as fuck.  Getting your hoo-ha checked out at the doctor’s is not exactly meant to be pleasurable, I don’t think.

On the other hand, its nice to see sex toy manufacturers ‘thinking outside the box.’  (Get it, because a box is a commonly-used slang term for vagina.  I’m on a roll and I can’t be stopped!)

What do you think.  Would the Gaga interest you?  Do you think there’s a market for sex toys with built in cameras?

Check out Svakom, the toy producer’s website, here.

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Published on: July 22, 2014

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