Nicole Aniston Treat of the Month September

Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston

Twisty’s continues to prove that they have exceptional taste in women with their latest Twisty’s Treat of the Month.

Since we’re all recovering from summer hangovers, for September’s Treat of the Month they couldn’t pull any punches. They went and got the very best. And by the very best, I mean Nicole Aniston is the Treat of the Month! And by extension, she’s Babe of the Day! 

Nicole Aniston

Born: September 9th, 1987 in San Diego California

Height: 5 ft 3

Weight: 121 lbs

Measurements: 34D-23-38

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You know why Nicole Aniston should be your favorite porn star? Aside from her incredible body, genuine sexuality, and her ability to articulate (all these qualities are often overlooked in porn stars), she thinks the worst part of the porn industry is the porn stars.

In an old interview, Nicole was asked, “What do you not like about the business?”

She replied:

The girls, honestly. All of them. Me included. We’re all overrated. We’re really overly publicized being these hot, amazing super-freaks and 90% of them are not the best people…If you saw [a porn star] in street clothes walking down the street, you wouldn’t take a second glance. But because they’re naked and doing shit for you that your wife or girlfriend doesn’t do, they’re all of sudden your idol. You want to follow them on Twitter and buy them shit. We’re all overrated.

Nicole Aniston’s self-awareness ultimately makes her impossible to be overrated. She knows how silly all this idolization is and therefore deserves a follow on Twitter and for you to buy her shit.

And if Nicole Aniston’s down to earth attitude hasn’t convinced you that she’s the best, let me remind that she does have one of the most incredible bodies with her new pictures from Twisty’s.


That’s about all I can show you.

If you want to see more of Nicole Aniston’s Treat of the Month pictures and videos, you have to visit Twisty’s:


Nicole’s been a Penthouse Pet of the Year, a Treat of the Month, and now Babe of the Day!

If she keeps collecting accolades with such ease, no one could call her overrated.

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