Nicole Aniston Is The Twisty’s Treat Of The Year


Treat of the Year Nicole Aniston

You might want to file this under “old news” because I’m not sure if it’s been announced yet but Nicole Aniston is the Twisty’s Treat of the Year!

I first realized Nicole Aniston might be the Twisty’s Treat of the Year when I noticed she was shooting in Costa Rica with Madison Ivy and Mia Malkova thanks to Holly Randall’s Instagram. When the voting opened, I had heard that the babe that won Treat of the Year would shoot their sets in Costa Rica with last year’s TOTY (Mia Malkova) and this year’s runner-up.

I was all ready to write this big exclusive story about how the Twisty’s Treat of the Year had been narrowed down to either Nicole Aniston or Madison Ivy…but then I saw this banner:


If the banner advertising Nicole Aniston as the 2014 Treat of the Year was already live, then so much for my exclusive scoop.

But hey! Who cares about me? This is about Nicole.  

Though I technically voted for Elle Alexandra, I’m happy Nicole won because she is the perfect mix of hot and humble that you can’t help but feel happy for her. Throughout my life, I’ve dealt with lots of hot blondes who, like Nicole Aniston, have incredible boobs, butt, and hot lips that have been incredibly stuck up because of their looks. Nicole ain’t like that, which is a breath of fresh air. From what I’ve seen, Nicole doesn’t really care for the idolization that her good looks and nude photos tend to bring to her. How you don’t let it all go to your head is beyond me, but kudos to Nicole for staying grounded and being Treat of the Year. I didn’t think it could be done.

Rather than just ramble on about how hot and nice Nicole Aniston is, can I just ask if it’s weird that the thing I find most attractive about Nicole is her lips? Like the lips on her mouth, not the other ones (but also I find her other lips extremely attractive).

Anyways, Nicole Aniston rules and I can’t wait to see her Treat of the Year pictures. While we wait for her Treat of the Year pictures to surface online, let’s pass the time by looking at some of Nicole Aniston’s hottest pictures and GIFs.


If there’s such thing as a sexier woman that Nicole Aniston, I don’t want to know about her. Now the question is, how does one lock that down?


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Published on: March 17, 2014

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  • pleo

    her tits yeah but i know what you mean about those lips

  • pleo

    true dsl

  • Chico Dusty

    digital subscriber line?

  • pleo

    dick sucking lips

  • Chico Dusty

    oh respect. I never heard that one before but it certainly applies to Ms Aniston.

  • boinkboink

    you’re not alone in thinking that Nicole’s lips are her best feature. They set her above all the rest. Especially when those sexy, full lips are all done up in some bright red. Damn that makes me hard.

  • ExxxxxtraAfam

    Seriously? She is lame in the sack IMO. I guess this isn’t about how they fuck, but I’ve never been impressed.

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