Nikki Benz is Running Against Rob Ford to Become Toronto’s Mayor

Ah, Rob Ford.  Why do you keep letting people take pictures and videos of you?

We appreciate the constant circus that surrounds him, because, it’s hilarious in an extremely sad and depressing sort of way.  However, there’s a difference between being just your regular run-of-the-mill buffoon who shows up at parties wearing a lampshade on his head and puking in the doghouse, and being a buffoon who also happens to be the mayor of one of the biggest cities in North America.  

I’ll tell you what the difference is: being a mayor is a lot of work and responsibility, and you kinda gotta put 100% focus on doing a good job and not smoke crack and get hammered all of the time.

Despite the fact that the people’s champion Rod Ford seems to be re-entering the race for Mayor, it seems extremely likely that the population will vote someone in with slightly more self-respect, dedication, and hopefully less substance-abuse problems.

There are several others running for mayor, including media darling Olivia Chow, but since she’s not nearly as sexy as Nikki Benz, we’ll focus on her instead.

Anyways, Nikki Benz, a Toronto-born adult actress, has recently thrown her hat into the race via exclusive campaign introduction video on TMZ.

Now, we’re not sure if Nikki Benz will win, but she at least has one thing going for her: there won’t be any top secret scandalous videos or photos of Nikki Benz leaked to the media, since they’ll have already seen all of them on their favourite adult site,

Here are some pictures of your potential new mayor, blonde bombshell Nikki Benz.  Gold bless thee, Toronto, for continuing to produce excitement around a very important and serious government position.