NJ Mom’s Lawsuit A Reminder of Dangers On The Internet

MaryAnn Sahoury

A federal court judge has ruled that a New Jersey mother’s lawsuit against the Meredith Corporation, a production company based out of Iowa, could proceed. In 2010, Sahoury appeared in an instructional breast-feeding video for Parent TV with her month-old daughter.

Months after signing the release for the program, Sahoury googled herself. Normally a harmless act of curiosity but she was shocked to find hundreds of porn links with her name.

When she clicked one of the links, she found that the breast-feeding footage had been spliced with video of a woman of “similar features and stature” performing sexual acts.

Shocking, yes. But it gets worse…

Sahoury then googled her daughter’s name and saw got the same porn links.

Now before we all go pointing the finger, it isn’t Meredith Corp. that’s responsible for the porn-splicing. That was responsible by a third party. Meredith Corp. did put Sahoury on YouTube with her full name, which apparently violates the release she originally signed.

Meredith is doing its part for Sahoury. They initially worked to find the person who made the pornographic version of the video. They are also filing take-down demands and clearing cache files wherever the video might appear. Sorry if you were hoping to see the video.

Let this story be a reminder to everyone: the internet is a fucked place. No one is safe.

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Published on: August 10, 2012

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    Breast-feeding porn?

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    Everything has a kind of porn. Trust me.