When @NudesForTroops first starting tweeting at us, I thought it was a part of a government conspiracy to shutdown So did what I always do when the government tries to contact me, I ignore them.

However, the tweets kept coming. Eventually I realized that it probably wasn’t a government conspiracy. So I checked them out and it turns out they’re just a hard-working porno blogger just like me. Except for one difference, is all about providing nudes for the troops. Strange right?

I sat down with the man behind to find out more about his mission.

So here it is, the interview: (my questions are in bold)

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The first thing I need to know about is are you officially affiliated with the US military in any way?
No. I have a disclaimer on my site that states, “This site is not affiliated in anyway with any branch of the Armed Forces from any Country nor the DOD or Federal Agencies.”


Were you ever in the military?
It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assume that I couldn’t exactly not say that me being in the military isn’t partially incorrect. I’m possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that in no way with any amount of uncertainty that I undeniably do or do not serve our country, if that indeed isn’t what I shouldn’t probably not be doing while running an adult website.


Could you clear something up for me? Is it Troops submitting nudes or is it supporters of troops submitting nudes?
I actually sent out a tweet about this the other day! Ha! My site is Nudes FOR Troops not Nudes OF Troops. I only wish to motivate, not exploit the men and women who serve our country.

However, soldiers are more than welcome to submit pics as well. I have a disclaimer on my site about that which states, “If you’re in the military and wish to submit pics we’d be more than happy to post them for you. However, keep in mind that you have UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) rules to follow. We highly suggest that you remove any name tags or unit badges or anything that might get you in trouble. We do not want to disrespect the uniform or what it represents in any way.”

Personally, I prefer non-military to send in pics of themselves wearing something military themed, draped in stars’n’stripes, or even saluting the camera! I also highly encourage people to send a message to the troops along with the pics that they submit because quite frankly, sometimes what’s written is just as morale boosting (if not more) than the pics themselves. It also connects on a deeper level and adds a feeling of personalization. When not in an area that restricts what can be viewed on the internet, a soldier can go to any website to get their fix. Often times, these sites have the same pics!

My vision for NudesForTroops is for it to be a place where soldiers can go to see pics that were taken FOR THEM. You know? Eventually, I’d like to have an International section where our Allies can get some love too. For now though, ‘MERICA! So far, we are not blocked in Afghanistan (I think that being a blog has something to do with it) and as always, nudity is NOT a requirement to be on our site. We welcome all couples, all colors, cam girls, guys, you name it.


Source: Uploaded by user via Nudes For Troops on


Why do you prefer non-military dressed up as military?
I don’t want to encourage those serving to post pics on my site. The site was created for their viewing pleasure. I feel as if the focus of the site was for them to post pics that I would create a lot of disrespect towards the uniform and potentially ruin a lot of careers. You know how its cute when you wake up and some chick is wearing your shirt or your boxers? Its kind of like that. That’s what I’m aiming for. Besides, people love playing dress-up. No? Other than military themed/patriotic outfits and poses, I also encourage pictures with guns. We like guns. ? We’re really into Chivettes as well. I like their pg-13 style.


What’s the origin story for your website?
Adult websites were mostly blocked in Iraq. Troops would compile large amounts of pics and vids on external hard drives prior to deployment and swap spank-banks with each other so that we’d have new stuff to look at. Other than that, their only other options were Skype sex with some broad back home or the pg-13 pics that were posted in Facebook groups that would pop up like “Boobs 4 Vets” and “Kittens for Devil Dogs.”

Those Facebook groups are motivating. It does feel great to know that people back home are thinking of them. Sure, they got TONS of boxes of girl scout cookies and beef jerky, licorice, and all kinds of other goodies…not to mention random cards from churches and elementary schools. That stuff was great and is always appreciated by the troops. BUT, its a scientific fact that looking at a pair of tits lowers stress and promotes better health. I figured I wanted to do something to motivate the brothers and sisters that were still over there. So I created A place where people are not limited to posting PG-13 material on Facebook groups. A place where men and women can show their support in a different kind of way. Sending cookies just isn’t my style.


Out of all the branches of the military, which would you say is the kinkiest?
It’s known among all branches of the military that the Air Force typically has the hottest chicks. But kinkiest? I’d have to give that one to the men and women of the Army. (Maybe I’m a little biased) Also, support wise (on our site at least) the Army is kicking ass when it comes to the amount of pics submitted that are Army themed. The Marines are a close second.


What is it about the AirForce that attracts the hottest chicks?
I’m probably going to start a war among the branches now but… I assume it has something to do with how the chair-force, oops… I mean AIR Force uses their money. They usually have the best of everything from living quarters to chow halls, you name it, especially during deployment. So, the hottest girls go there because its easier? Hell, I don’t know. It’s just one of those facts of life. You know, like how the French suck. Boom.


Am I correct in thinking that the military official’s stance on adult magazines, pictures, videos, whatever is that they aren’t permitted? Would morale improve if the troops were supplied by the military?
You’re pretty correct on that. It really depends. Id, say… METT-TC (that’s a reference the military guys will understand). Back in the Vietnam days the military used to supply rations of beer to the soldiers. I know a few Cobra pilots who used to fly with beer! Over time, we learn what works and what doesn’t. Personally, I think things are fine the way they are, currently. Morale isn’t too bad, overall, that I know of. I’m just here to give a little extra.


Source: Uploaded by user via Nudes For Troops on

As you’ve already mentioned, NudesForTroops is a mix of found pics and fan submitted pics. What percentage of pics would you say are submitted?
A good 85-90% of whats on the site has been user submitted. Can I verify that its original content? Nope. I wake up to emails/messages, I post them. OUILA! Every now and then I’ll post some pictures that I retweet on Twitter. The Twitter girls that we post either send me pics or tell me via Twitter that they’d like to be on the site. As for whats posted on Twitter, that’s usually pics that I’ve found here and there from various sites like, oh I don’t know, ? Twitter is a chess game, really. It’s strategy. There’s a method to the madness regarding what and who gets re-tweeted. At the end of the day, the women who I give love to on Twitter are usually the ones who have personalized pics and messages for the troops.


I really appreciate that you have sections For the Fellas and For the Ladies. However, most women aren’t visual stimulated like men. Given the stress and the circumstances of serving, do the ladies appreciate the nudes as much as the fellas?
Of the emails I’ve received from women, they all share a common theme. ENOUGH COCK SHOTS!! They want to see muscles, tattoos, shit like that. Besides, waking up to dick pics sucks. If having to look at random guys junk and then posting it on my website doesn’t show my dedication to our soldiers, I quit. Lol. We recently got the Defensive End for the Jacksonville Jaguars Pro Bowl 2011/2012 in on the action. I asked a lady soldier friend of mine what her thoughts on the matter were and she said, “I’d be happier with Girl Scout cookies.”



You’ve been at it since October 2012, are you happy with the participation and attention you guys have been getting so far?
I’m very happy with the way things are going right now. Getting emails from soldiers both deployed and stateside telling me how much they love the site makes it all worth it. When you guys featured NudesForTroops on the Top 10 Sexy Military Women page…. I realized that I was on the right track. I mean, is kind of a big deal, you know? Participation wise, it has its ups and downs. Sometimes we’ll go a few days without any submissions. Other days, its hard to keep up. I’d like more participation from people outside of Twitter, as well. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of my Twitter troop supporters but I’d like to see others get involved as well.

How can people submit to NudesForTroops?
I made a Submit Page to make it easy for folks to Submit Pics. Here it is!

Why do you have a “Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church banner on NudesForTroops?

I know the banner doesn’t have much to do with my site or my mission, but being that its MY site, I like to add a bit of MY personality. Kind of like the “hidden egg” blurb written on the bottom right hand side of every page under “Turtle Power.” The Westboro Baptist Church are a bunch of bitches. They are a group of douchebags that call themselves a Church that picket funerals of dead soldiers holding signs that say, “Thank God for dead soldiers.” They arn’t just anti-military, they are pretty much anti-anyone that isn’t a part of their Church. They hold signs saying, “God Hates Fags” on street corners and sign songs about God hating the USA. In general, they suck. So, fuck them.


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