Obsessed with Bryanna Holly

Bryanna Holly

Bryanna Holly

Everybody loves Instagram. Whether you like looking at pictures of food or you just need more cats doing something funny, Instagram has something for everyone.

Personally, what I like about Instagram is that it’s like a draft pool for sexy models. For example, without Instagram, Jen Selter would have just been another PAWG. Thankfully, she posted enough pictures of her spectacular ass on Instagram and now everyone knows Jen Selter as the woman with the best ass in the world (or at least on Instagram).

But that’s enough about Jen Selter. I’d like to focus on my latest obsession with Instagram model Bryanna Holly. 

Some of you may know Bryanna Holly as the hot girl that dated Brody Jenner. Others may know her as Transworld Surf Magazine’s Miss September 2012. Some of you may be getting to know her for the first time.

Whatever your familiarity with Bryanna Holly is, all I have to say is follow her on Instagram. She’s totally gorgeous and is constantly sharing sexy pictures of herself.

What’s really exciting about Bryanna Holly and the root of my new found obsession with her, is that her photographs appear to be getting progressively nuder.

Just look at Bryanna Holly’s photos from Treats Magazine:

As you can see, Bryanna Holly is quite nude in these pictures. However, there’s a certain modesty to them because they’re carefully cropped and feature conveniently placed hands to keep us from seeing the goods.

Now look at Bryanna Holly’s latest pictures from some magazine that you’ve never heard of:

As you can see, while still covered up in the sexiest possible way, Bryanna Holly flaunts a bit more nipple.

Some of you might not be down with the fact that she’s still covering up, but that little nip slip says one thing to me: progress.

Slowly but surely, we are seeing Bryanna Holly becoming more comfortable with posing nude. My guess is it won’t be long before we see Bryanna without a hand or a leather jacket to hang on to that sliver of modesty. And yeah, that’s a pretty good reason to be obsessed.

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Published on: February 17, 2014

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