Obsessed with Cassidy Banks

Believe it or not, there is a downside to watching porn 8 hours a day, five days a week. Namely, you can become apathetic to the majority of pornstars and hot babes, simply because big titted blondes tend to blend together after a while.

While this may sound like a curse, the truth is it makes certain babes stand out. You know, the really hot ones that are worthy of being obsessed with.

Which leads me to the topic of this post. The latest babe we are now totally obsessed with is none another than the hottest new girl we’ve seen in porn this year: CASSIDY BANKS.

cassidy banks

Cassidy Banks, courtesy of HollyRandall.com

Who is Cassidy Banks?

To be honest, I don’t really know. She’s a new girl in porn, having only released a handful of galleries and videos. Her profile in the porn industry is still relatively low, but that won’t last long. This girl has been turning heads since her debut and her star is only going to keep rising with every porn scene she stars in.

So while I can’t tell you where Cassidy Banks is from or how she got into the porn industry, I can tell you that Cassidy Banks has huge natural tits, a round ass, breathtaking olive skin and green eyes that can make you cum in your pants with a single look. Do you see why we’re obsessed with Cassidy Banks now?

Tell me when the last time you saw a sexy Latina with cleavage like this:



It’s why you will soon be obsessed with Cassidy Banks (if you’re not already). Plus, Cassidy Banks doesn’t just have amazing tits, she knows how to use them:



What I especially like about Cassidy Banks is that her big eyes convey a certain innocence. Of course, part of that might be inexperience but with any luck, Cassidy Banks keeps doing porn for years to come because she’s the hottest new porn girl we’ve seen all year.

Just look deep into Cassidy Banks’ eyes and let them take you away (feel free to stray away from her eyes and observe the rest of her hot, all-natural body too).


Cassidy Banks

Cassidy Banks courtesy of HollyRandall.com


Even though Cassidy Banks does project a kind of innocence, there’s no denying that she is a bonafide nympho. For proof of this, all you need to do is watch Cassidy Banks’ Latina Sex Tapes scene.

Can you imagine anything hotter than a hot Latina like Cassidy Banks jerking you off while her parents are at the dinner table? That’s just so naughty.

Reaching under the table for a exhibitionist handjob is just how the scene starts. Needless to say, it escalates to some of the hottest sex we’ve ever seen.

Dare we say that Cassidy Banks’ Latina Sex Tapes scene is the hottest porn video of 2014? There are still four months for another porn video to take its place, but as of right now Cassidy Banks and her big natural tits have the Best Porn Video of 2014 on lock.

Watch the trailer below now:

Now you’re totally obsessed with Cassidy Banks. You’re welcome.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Cassidy Banks keeps doing porn because she’s too fine not be in the industry. Porn just wouldn’t be as good without Cassidy.

And if you’re not yet totally obsessed with Cassidy Banks, I suggest you stare at the GIF below. Watch as her natural tits swing back and forth hypnotically. See her face contort with pleasure. She loves the cock. She loves the camera. And they both love her back.

Stay up to date on Cassidy Banks by following her on Twitter: @CassidyBanksXO

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