Obsessed with Hannah Martin

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hannah martin cover Obsessed with Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin

As much as I like nude women, their outfits before they get nude really influences my opinion of them.

Yes, it’s extremely shallow, but what would you expect from a big time pornographer like myself?

Anyways, earlier today I saw some pictures of British glamor model and super hot babe Hannah Martin removing quite possibly the greatest outfit of all time.

Of course that’s just my opinion but seeing Hannah Martin’s gold bathing suit and glasses combination has left me totally obsessed with Hannah Martin.

Why don’t you look at Hannah strip out of this outfit yourself and see if it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen: 


So ladies. If you’re not sure how to look sexy, follow Hannah Martin’s lead and put on a gold bathing suit and a pair of glasses.

Obviously, it’s a very temporary outfit but there is nothing sexier.

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