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So long latex!

The adult industry is ready to take on Measure B, the L.A. county mandate forcing all adult performers to wear condoms. It’s going to be a long, hard fight. Luckily, the adult industry is well equipped to handle things long and hard.

One of the reasons that the industry is fighting Measure B is because latex condoms can be hazardous to performers. I know, it’s confusing. Condoms do “protect” performers from all the regular sex-related hazards (infection & pregnancy) but they aren’t practical for comfort. Think about the worst your skin has ever been chafed and then put it on your labia.

Doesn’t sound like fun, right?

But the problem isn’t just Measure B, it’s the latex condom itself. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks like “ribbed for her pleasure” or “banana flavored”, there have been too few developments in condom-design in recent years. They’ve been pretty much the same since the 1920′s. I mean, how come I can Google the closest gas station to buy condoms on my goddamn phone but I can’t even get the damn things on!?

Condoms need a breakthrough. The good news? It may have already happened with Origami Condoms.

Origami condoms? Condoms that are made from the traditional Japanese art form of folding paper? No, ya dingus. That’s just the name of the company. They’re looking to improve safe sex by introducing a new silicone design.

Silicone is stretchier and more flexible than latex. Plus it’s apparently better at blocking viruses and bacteria.

Let’s watch a video of their prototype just to see the silicone design in action (not literally):

Side by side, it’s pretty clear that the silicone condom is vastly superior to the latex condom. The speed in which you can get the silicone condom on is key, especially if you have the same problem that George Costanza has:

And c’mon, internal lubrication to recreate the sensation of a real vagina? I can’t believe no one has thought of that yet.

It’s pretty undisputed that sex without a condom is better than sex with one on. Why did we ever accept that? Why did we ever have to choose between being irresponsible or diminishing our pleasure? We should have known there was a way not to sacrifice sensation for security. Think of how easy it will be to convince people to practice safe sex without its “bad” reputation. Wearing an Origami silicone condom protects from disease and pregnancy, plus it feels the same as unprotected sex. Fucking no brainer.

Origami Condoms, great job. Please send us a gigantic box of these so we can try them out.

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