The Most Overrated Sex Acts – TIP TO TIP

Discussing the most overrated sex act

Discussing the most overrated sex act

Welcome to the Blog’s latest special feature TIP TO TIP.

This is where me (Chimpo Dunsty) and my special assistant Gil Powers discuss any topic that has to do with sex, porn, or whatever comes to mind really.

For our 1st ever TIP TO TIP, we discuss how our wonderful readers voted in Gil’s poll What’s The Most Overrated Sex Act?Hope y’all like it! 

Gil:  Yo fuck you, dingleberry.

Chico:  Hi Gil, how are you today?

Gil:  Hi Chico I am doing OK – but I think you already knew that?

Chico:  Ok please shut up now. So earlier this week, you asked our readers which sex act is the most overrated? 1,952 people voted

Gil:  WOW!  Thanks loyal blog readers. I feel so loved!

Chico:  Wait, don’t thank them yet. They voted and the most overrated sex act is anal sex with 20%. 397 votes. That’s the majority.

Gil:  Oh GODAMMIT, I TOLD THEM TO VOTE FOR HANDJOBS. I do indeed retract my thank you

Chico:  Yeah you were quite leading in the initial blog post. I had a problem with the way you presented it since I don’t think handjobs are overrated at all. Everyone that I’ve talked to about handjobs have agreed that it’s the bottom of the barrel of sex acts. Sure, it’s better than nothing but it’s still nothing to get excited about.

However if all handjobs looked like this:


Ideal handjob

Then I wouldn’t think so lowly of them.

Gil:  So, you’re saying that something so unanimously voted as a waste of time by the general population can’t possibly be overrated?

Chico:  Yeah exactly. Handjobs have the rating they deserve for being so damn lacklustre.

Gil:  But if thats the case, then why did handjobs clock in at #2 in the poll?  Obviously some of the people got my back on this one.

Chico:  Because you told them to!

Gil: Here’s where I’m coming from – I think handjobs are probably accurately rated by men, but overrated by women. I think women think men like handjobs more than they actually do.

Chico:  Oh interesting

Gil:  And most men are so happy to get any action at all that they don’t speak up. Obviously a generalization, but I think it’s true!

Chico:  So what do you think the solution is? Whilst getting tugged men should say, “I really appreciate the effort but handjobs suck so please use your mouth a little bit.”

Gil:  Yes.  I mean, not in those words exactly.  Listen, I think a lot of people probably like (put up with) handjobs. But there’s no problem with communicating what you like/dislike when you’re having sex. In a sexual encounter, I would probably try to move things away from a handjob ASAP, whether through communicating that directly, or by simply initiating something else. Why do you think the people voted that anal sex is the most overrated?


Anal sex!

Chico:  Well I’ll tell you this right now, I voted for anal sex. And I voted for anal because I recently had anal sex for the first time and it really tore my butt in half.

Just kidding.

But seriously, real anal sex is messy and requires a lot of preparation (which you can read about in my anal sex guide). However, anal is ubiquitous in porn. It’s its own genre. Stars get paid more to do it. I just feel like there’s a big build up around anal sex. 

So I think people watch anal sex in porn and think, “That’s so fucking cool”. And when they actually have it, it ultimately becomes a disappointment because there’s more to it than what they’ve seen, which is why it has become overrated

Gil:  Yeah, I mean, I think a lot of people derive many of their sexual expectations from porn.  Nothing new there. I think most people got their first sexual exposure, and therefore suck at having sex (at first). People probably think, based on porn, that they can just jam it in someone’s butt without thinking about it. Yup, so I guess we’re on the same page about anal sex.

Chico:  How do you feel about blowjob coming in last with only 9% of people thinking its overrrated?

Gil:  I’d quickly like to just mention that I think that our conclusion about anal sex also applies to our #3 most overrated, cumshots

Chico: Totally. Big mess. Not nearly as cool as it looks in porn

Gil:  Blinding, if innacurate. Sorry, sorry, went off topic: blowjobs. I don’t know actually – I sort of find them to be overrated myself.  But obviously I’m in the minority in that opinion. People love oral sex – I guess I’m just more of a giver than a receiver in that situation?

Chico:  Gil, this is no place to attract women. We’re trying to discuss the most overrated sex acts.



Gil:  That’s what you think. Well what do you think?  What do people find so not-overrated about BJs?

Chico:  Shit. I don’t know. Personally, I think oral sex is a skill. Sex in general is a skill. Maybe these guys have just been blessed with great oral sex in their lifetime? Blowjob style is so individualistic that i can’t really make a judgement. I see a glint in those baby blues, you got something to say?

Gil:  Yeah, you could be right.  I think most men are also lazy maybe?  They want to derive pleasure without giving it back?  Haven’t you ever heard about dudes who are happy to accept a bj but are unwilling to go down on a girl?

Chico:  Yeah all the time. And then there was that advice I did this week about girls getting choked by dick. I feel like men do that because they are selfish lover in addition to all the other stuff I said.

Gil:  Yeah for sure. Also, vaginal sex right down near the bottom. I guess people love their meat and potatoes vanilla shit

Chico:  Yeah! Blowjobs are less overrated than vaginal sex! What do you think about this statement: ALL SEX IS OVERRATED.

Gil:  Hm.  Interesting.  I think its totally subjective. I know lots of people who need/want to have sex all the time. And I know lots of people who don’t care that much about it. I’ve had lots of good sex and lots of bad sex.  So I think it depends on your experience. I will say – its definitely important. But MAYBE overrated in that, I don’t think its the end-all-be-all.

Chico:  I think that sex has been proven to be so lucrative in advertising since well…since forever that growing up in a media heavy environment can’t help but make sex feel overrated. You know what i’m getting into these days? Commitment. That shit is dope. Intimacy. Also very dope. So for me, I don’t really care what sex acts we perform, as long as we’re together.


Chico: Not like me and you but like me and a sexy lady that’s committed to me. But if she ain’t sexy, forget about it.

Gil: Yea, well I guess I’m trending in the opposite direction. I’m more into casual sex over intimacy and commitment. So that should make our next tip2tip interesting!

Chico:  Not a bad idea. Shall we conclude this tip 2 tip with a ceremonial touching of our penis tips?

Gil: Yes. See you in the bathroom in 2 minutes.



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  • donley

    Why does everyone hate handjobs?

  • Poopo

    Yo people don’t like handjobs cuz it feels like sticking your dong in quicksand

  • Chico Dusty

    I think it’s because handjobs are the same thing as masturbation. So people look at it like, “Why would I get a handjob when I could just masturbate?”

    I still think it’s not ideal but at least when you’re getting a handjob, someone else is jacking you off rather than yourself.

  • Chico Dusty

    Dude, use lube. Aight?

  • Peter_Griffen

    Yea, I think that’s totally correct. Handjobs are the only sex act that men can basically perform on themselves to a certain extent (though obviously its not totally the same!)

    As a result I think they get written off. Just like ordering grilled cheeses at a restaurant.

  • Jordan

    I like this new feature. I voted for cumshots being the most overrated myself. I think its more of a “pat on the back” thing for some men, almost like a trophy…but really messy and blinding lol.
    I personally think as long as you and your lady partner are intimate, then you’ll find what sex acts are truly overrated and those that are the best. Have to cater to the women to make it pleasurable both ways. P.S. handjobs and anal are tied in my book as the most overrated.

  • Chico Dusty

    True. But I’ll admit that I have ordered some decadent grilled cheeses before and it was awesome.

  • Chico Dusty

    Thanks Jordan! So far so good, we definitely want to do more.

    So you agree that an intimate relationship supersedes any “rating” you could give to a sex act?

  • Jordan

    To me anyway yes, having that relationship with someone special makes sex that much better than any sex act.

  • Chico Dusty

    THANK YOU. I hope Gil reads this. Good to know that you’ll be in my corner for next week’s tip to tip.

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