Pornstar Angelina Castro Takes Miami

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Look out men of Miami, Angelina Castro is coming for you.

Have you always dreamt of having sex with a pornstar (without having to pay for it)? Of course you have. It would be awesome!

Hopefully you’ve always dreamt of having sex with busty, Latina pornstar Angelina Castro because she’s on the prowl in Miami looking for men to fuck on film. 

Angelina Castro has been posting ads on Miami Craigslist looking for new male adult talent. Let’s look at one now:

Angelina Castro

Why is pornstar Angelina Castro trying to pick up guys off Craigslist?

It’s all apart of her upcoming reality porn show called “Miami – Can You Get It Up?“.

Miami – Can You Get It Up? has been described by Angelina Castro as, “a cross between The Apprentice and The Bachelorette with lots of real sex and much better judging.”

I haven’t watched The Apprentice or The Bachelorette in a long time because there is simply not enough real sex on either show to keep my attention. But I’m curious, has the judging on either of these shows been particularly bad?

Angelina Castro also said that, “Contestants are going to have to prove they can get it up on camera under the pressure to perform. I can’t believe how many applications I have received through Craigslist. The screening process is going to be intense. I am bringing my grandmother to the set to help.”

It’s a common misconception that being a male pornstar is an easy job. One of the challenges of being a male pornstar is getting an erection, maintaining it for the entirety of the shoot, and then cumming on cue. Keep in mind that you’re supposed to get an erection when they tell you to and there can be anywhere from 6 to 30 people in the room waiting for your erection. It’s not easy to perform under pressure like that, but if it means a shot at having sex with Angelina Castro, it’s probably worth it.

Let’s check out what sex with Angelina Castro would be like:

Latina Video – Angelina Castro

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Looks like sex with Angelina Castro would be pretty fun. In case you didn’t notice, she’s Latina with huge tits and a big fat ass.

Love her or hate her, you got to admit that Angelina Castro makes some cool porn.

It was around this time last year that Angelina Castro and fellow Miami-based pornstar and total MILF Sara Jay announced that they would be giving away free blowjobs if the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. Even when that crusty, old NBA commissioner David Stern tried to shut the whole thing down, Angelina Castro and Sara Jay still managed to give out free blowjobs to everyone that showed up to get one.

The way I see it, Miami – Can You Get It Up? is just a continuation of Team BJ. It’s porn with a new idea (sorta). In an industry over-saturated with pastiche and parody, it’s always nice to see something new in porn.

Best of luck to everyone responding to Angelina Castro‘s craigslist ad. Hope you can get it up and that sex with a pornstar is everything you’ve ever dreamt about.

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