Where Is Pornstar Ashlyn Rae?

Last week, The Sex.com Blog teamed up with our friend Mr. Pink to try and find out what happened to one of our favorite pornstars, Nicole Ray.

What we were able to determine was that Nicole Ray had left the adult entertainment industry.

Over the course of our Nicole Ray investigation (which you can check out here), we also encountered another one of our favorite missing pornstars: Ashlyn Rae. And that got us wondering…whatever happened to Ashlyn Rae? So we’re back with another Porno P.I. to hopefully answer some lingering questions about favorite pornstars that don’t do porn anymore.

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Ashlyn Rae first started doing porn in 2009 when she was 19 years old. As a petite (only 5’3!), redhead with a wholesome vibe, she definitely caught the attention of porn fans everywhere.

If you’re thinking of becoming a porn star, may I recommend that you play up your wholesomeness? There’s nothing wrong with girls acting slutty in porn, but it’s sort of over-saturated if you ask me. Wholesomeness is counter-intuitive to hot sex and porn, which is why when someone sees it in porn, it catches their attention. It also makes the actual sex more captivating because the viewer will think, “Wow. I can’t believe a wholesome cutie like her would fuck like this.” It’s great. Why else would people always be searching “Selena Gomez Nude”?

Anyways from what I can tell, her first scene as Ashlyn Rae was with Nikki Rhodes and Diamond Foxxx in Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 7. So let’s check it out right now:

Sex Video – Ashlyn Rae Nikki Rhodes Diamond Foxxx hot lesbian threesome Source: xhamster.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com


However, some of you may already know that before she was sexing it up as Ashlyn Rae, she was doing scenes as Miley. Now let’s watch Miley in action:

Sex Video – Amazing bj cum in the face scene Source: xvideos.com via Xakutty on Sex.com


Ashlyn Rae is sexy, right? The porn industry definitely thought so because in her first year she filmed 22 scenes for DVD releases, which is a good amount for a girl who is just starting to come up.

So what happened to Ashlyn Rae?

Source: fuskator.com via Xakutty on Sex.com

Well, my best guess comes from a lead I found on the Freeones Forums. On July 24th, 2010, someone posted:

I talked to her on the phone about a month ago in relation to some work stuff!

She expressed no desire to retire or anything of that nature but she was going abroad for a few months so that could explain the closing of said accts or anything related to that. She should be back within a few months again and going full force by year end unless something has changed to when I last spoke with her.

Hope that helps .

In 2010, Ashlyn Rae had 41 DVD releases (as per IAFD). So between 2009 and 2010, Ashlyn Rae had filmed roughly 63 scenes. I say roughly because it’s possible that a few of those scenes are dupiclates.

I think the reason Ashlyn Rae retired was because she was too sexy. Clearly, everyone wanted her and she probably got burnt out from working in the adult industry. Maybe she had an epiphany while she was abroard and found something new to do because there is absolutely no new information on her. Most people are surprised to even hear that she retired.

So yes, Ashlyn Rae is retired. But so what? The scenes she did are fucking amazing. It shouldn’t be about quantity of scenes but rather quality of scenes. So let’s all be thankful that a girl as cute and as wholesome as Ashlyn Rae did porn in the first place by watching some of her classic scenes.

Sex Video – Beautiful Teen babe Ashlyn rae with Teacher in Office Source: xvideos.com via kallaghseth on Sex.com

Sex Video – Ashlyn Rae – ExGF Source: xvideos.com via moineau13 on Sex.com

Sex Video – Ashlyn Rae gets a work out Source: xvideos.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

Sex Video – Ashlyn Rae lesbian scene with Kelli Stone Source: xvideos.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

Sex Video – Ashlyn Rae and Marie McCray POV threesome Source: xhamster.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com


There’s plenty more Ashlyn Rae on Sex.com so go check it out. Make sure if you see a hot Ashlyn Rae picture or video that you pin it right away.

Source: imagetwist.com via woody5 on Sex.com

There is one more mystery to be solved…

In an old interview, Ashlyn Rae mentioned that her sister did porn as well. Now the question is…who is that sister? Could it have been Faith Leon?

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  • kingrim

    fuck yes i love this chick

  • Alt

    This girl is gorgeous. I think the Porn Wikileaks of 2011 was the nail in the coffin for her career in porn. A lot of personal information (Real Id) was released on many performers, including her. A poster on freeones forums wrote that she was pregnant, but had no evidence of proof. Would love to learn what she is up to nowadays? Just to get some closure. As a P.I, you should go undercover and try to get her fam to give some info(if she hasn’t been disowned). Maybe she found the sugar daddy she was looking for.
    This woman still leaves me mesmerized. She’s #1 in my book. Article was a good read. Laterz.

  • kenta66

    love all sexy vomen

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Being a good P.I. is about discretion. I’m not trying to put anyone on blast like Porn Wikileaks. I just want people to be reminded of some of their favorite long lost pornstars.

    If I can provide closure then that’s cool but it’s definitely not a priority. Especially because I’m not a real P.I.

    Someone just left me a comment on the Nicole Ray post and we’re trying to figure out the order.

    So far:

    – Lexi Bloom
    – Tiffany Thompson
    – Keri Sable
    – Tiffany Rayne
    – Olivia O?Lovely
    – Kaylynn
    – Austin O?Riley

    Who else should we look into?

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  • .

    This pic might help show/update where she went.

    https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/426428_2246171076314 65_679883134_n.jpg

    Dated February 5, 2012

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Now that’s some good research! Good for her.

  • .

    This girl should have been offered to make a fleshlight before she retired. I bet it would have have sold plenty. I definitely would have bought one and still would.

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    It could still happen. Let me talk to Fleshlight.

  • InOutRepeat

    Okay, I just composed a post and was given the message “you’re posting too fast. slow down.” or some shit like that. it was my very first post today. this is a test post to see what happens.

  • InOutRepeat

    whatever. damn. it was a nice, complimentary post, too.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    Can you try again? I love compliments.

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  • Andy

    She has no children! I know her. Her last movie is from the End of 2012, Caribbeancom. Name: Ashlyn Rae ??! USA????????????Fuck! Vol.7 -> date of production 2012-12-20.

  • http://mashkull begja

    po me nji femer me ma lshue kameren

  • .

    I have never seen that video of hers. That’s the newest material that I’ve seen from Ashlyn in the past 2 years. It could be an old shoot that the company is trying to pass as new. It’s still almost 1 year old already. It would be great to see new Ashlyn content pop up, but I thought she did start a family. Still wish her the best even though she didn’t officially retire…

  • http://bit.ly/162zBWg john r.

    I wrote an e-mail to Caribbeancompr and they say the movie is from 2012. Check it out: http://bit.ly/162zBWg

    Quick notes:

    – The twitter account “AshlynRaexxx” is probably a (good) FAKE. She deleted her twitter account “AshlynRaeXOXO” many years ago.
    – Her half sister has also made porn, not in Arizona but rather also in California. – She does not like childrens. I don’t think that she really has a child. She like it to be independent and free.
    – The photo with the baby is from the Facebook account of her father.

  • .

    Hopefully that’s not the only video she made last year. I do agree that her twitter account seems to be fake. However, I don’t remember reading or hearing an interview where she said that she didn’t like children. She HAS change her mind before though. When she was just starting 4 years ago she said in an interview w/ porn valley that she would not do IR or Asian men. However, this last video she did was with an Asian man…and it’s a CREAMPIE. Ashlynn has made 3 or 4 creampie vids(including this one) and they have all been for a Japanese production. They probably paid very well for the scenes. Also, The picture with the stroller was straight off F B apparently.
    I just found a Penthouse sex toy starring her that I had no idea existed. I will definitely be buying it. Am going to have a great Holiday season!!!


  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    Excellent choice.

  • Tim

    Check IAFD, she is not retired…

  • Brandon

    Ashlyn Rae is retired? Seriously not! She makes movies when she needs money. She is a lazy girl what live from day to day, she travels a lot and do nothing… I know her.
    Newest movie: Swingers and Swappers #3 (Release date: 7/31/13)

  • Brandon

    I know her! When I saw her five weeks ago, she was looking really healthy – it was so nice to see her enjoying herself and looking so well. The Penthouse Toy is not so good, I have this to and know the difference, but buy if you a REAL FAN of Ashlyn! :-D She still don’t like childrens, asians and black guys, but for a lot of money she do EVERYTHING; 150 $ for a BJ I’m not kidding u. Yep, Caribeancompr paid very well for the scenes. I think her twitter acc ist fake.

  • .

    It’s still not confirmed whether or not she is officially a MILF?

  • http://www.sex.com/news/blog LOLOLOL!

    Ashlyn has an interesting character… 2009 in her first and last interview she said: “No gangbangs. I like to keep it one-on-one.” … Her new movie is in my eyes groupsex. Money talks!

  • Tim

    I believe she IS a mother, which I find disgusting! Just imagine what that kid is going to go through when get’s to Junior High & all the other boys find out what his mother does! Here’s her facebook page for proof…


  • Al

    Those are family issues that may have to resolve in the future. It’s none of our business. I don’t know if revealing the account is good idea. She may delete it altogether. Some judge mental people and obsessed fans may spam her inbox and she’ll be gone for good due to harassment.

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  • D

    Ashlyn Rae DOES have a son. Her sisters real name is Courtney Stidham, she is her FULL sister NOT half. Dont know her porn name.

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  • Shadow

    I dont understand, so is she retired? or not?

    And another question, Where is Tiffany Haze?

  • bluerider101386

    Ya retired forsure has a little boy now so most likely she got pregnant and quit.