Where is pornstar Tiffany Rayne?

This edition of Porno P.I., where we try to figure out what happened to some of our favorite former pornstars, comes from HungDong who also suggested we do Keri Sable last week. HungDong, thank you again for your suggestion.

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When I began my investigation on former pornstar Tiffany Rayne, I was immediately worried because it seemed like this Tiffany Rayne post was going to be grim.

I was able to narrow it down to two possible outcomes and neither are all that great…

Tiffany Rayne

Tiffany Rayne left her home state of New Jersey in 2005 to become a sexy Los Angeles pornstar where she could have all the anal sex and double penetration a girl could ever want.

Though IAFD says that Tiffany Rayne was an active pornstar until 2009, that figure is inflated because every porn movie featuring Tiffany Rayne after 2006 is a compilation meaning she was not shooting any new content. No new content means retirement. So Tiffany Rayne stopped making adult films in 2006. Regardless, her one year career was enough to gain fans all around the world.

What’s strange is that when people first suspected that she had quit filming porn movies, there were rumours swirling around the adult message-boards that Tiffany Rayne had just got a boob job. I say it’s strange because when HungDong asked me to look into Keri Sable, I found that her retirement was also linked to a rumoured boob job.

HungDong, you certainly have a type.

On top of the boob job rumor, I stumbled across a some terrible news about Tiffany Rayne.

Source: dancingbear.com via Andrei on Sex.com

A poster by the name of Smelly Monkey wrote on one message-board in 2006:

Still in shock, I just heard that pornstar Tiffany Rayne has killed herself, she shot herself while staying at her parents place, she semi retired from porn citing mental exhaustion as the reason but I don’t think anyone had any clue it was bad enough that she’d consider ending her life. Sad day, can’t say i was a huge fan of her work but it sucks when people other then sammura and smartt kill themselves.

When I read that, I immediately thought that I couldn’t do the Tiffany Rayne post anymore. Sharing the hardcore sex videos and nude pictures of a girl who had committed suicide because of the mental anguished caused by filming hardcore sex videos and shooting nude pictures was just in poor taste. Especially with the Angelina Jolie double mastectomy post from earlier today, it was going to be a needlessly depressing day on the Sex.com Blog.

This feature, sort of called Porno P.I. and also known as “Where Is [Insert Pornstar’s Name]”, is something that I plan on doing every Tuesday until all loose ends in porn industry are tied up. Eventually we’re going have to deal with death. Maybe it’s me but for me, I don’t think that sex and death mix.

If I were to hear that a certain pornstar died, I wouldn’t be able to watch any of their videos or look at any of their pictures ever again. Sex signifies life in my mind. So to see someone who’s passed away having sex or performing a sexual act overwhelms me with bad feelings. I don’t speak ill of the dead, so you can understand why jacking off to the dead would be extremely hard for me.

Thankfully, I didn’t give up my investigation right then and there. I would not let my own fear of death disappoint HungDong

As you might have expected, the message-board lacked all kind of credibility so I kept looking for Tiffany Rayne and I found a post by her on an escort review website from 2012.

She wrote:

Well I wanted to introduce myself if you dont know who i am
my name is Tiffany Rayne
I used to do adult videos/print work and have recently retired and moved back east.
I am still trying to figure out the site and how to post pictures etc so if anyone can offer any tips or help I would greatly appreciate it.

She also posted these pictures:

Source: eccie.net via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

Source: eccie.net via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

Source: eccie.net via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

So thankfully, Tiffany Rayne did not commit suicide and judging from that last photo she definitely got that rumoured boob job.

I was genuinely relieved to find out that Tiffany Rayne was alive as an escort, except then I thought about it some more and it must not be great being an escort.

But who am I to judge? I’ve never

It’s a dark adult industry secret that most pornstars escort (see: The Hooker Experience: hobbyists & providers). Given the state of the industry, some pornstars are forced to supplement their income by escorting on the side. As far as I understand it, it’s kind of a legal grey area because it is prostitution but at the same time it’s not prostitution, it’s escorting.

The main problem with pornstars escorting is that clients aren’t regularly tested for STIs and pornstars are at risk of contracting and spreading STIs throughout the industry. So maybe Tiffany Rayne started doing some escort work on the side, found that it was more lucrative than doing porn, and out of respect for the industry and her peers stopped filming porn to pursue escorting full time. It’s not totally outrageous, right? Wouldn’t you pay more to fuck a former pornstar than any old escort?

Either way, I’m just happy that Tiffany Rayne did not kill herself because we can still enjoy some of her classic sex videos without the stain of death.

Tiffany Rayne deepthroat POV


Tiffany Rayne Pigtailed Pornstar with amazing ass

Source: xvideos.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com


Tiffany Rayne Interracial

Source: drtuber.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com


Tiffany Rayne untamed

Source: pornhub.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

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  • HungDong

    Thanks for the update! I am really enjoying the blog and appreciate that you are covering all my suggestions.

    I was shocked she was only in the business a year because it seemed like she did a lot of work. I suppose that much work in that short of time would exhaust anyone.

    The fact that she is escort has my mind racing. What a dream it would be to actually get to have sex with one of your favorite porn stars!

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Get there while you can!

  • Michael

    IF only Penny Flame would do the “escort” thing…

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Penny Flame was the best.

  • Jeff

    i was in love with tiffany rayne and Franchezca Valentina. be cool if you did valentina one week

  • marcel

    how i can contact tiffany for escort ?

  • George

    She’s not dead and not an escort. She got pregnant and became a mom.

  • paul

    the note above me from george is correct. her real name is stacy lutz and she has returned to that name publicly. here is her now, on pinterest, with her son :


  • http://www.lotterypoolbusiness.com paul

    and this is her facebook page:

  • Rizy

    I would pay whatever she wants

  • cudder

    carmen kinsley. i miss her so much

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  • Michael Frederick

    i’m glad that she is cared for as a person . Her personality shines thru.


    In 2012 had a baby son. U can find her in Facebook under her real name Stacy Lutz. She has also a utube channel under the same name. She is now a happy and proud mother.