Pornstars Without Makeup Documentary

Veruca James with and without makeup

Veruca James with and without makeup

Remember that photo gallery that went viral a few months ago that showed a lot of different pornstars with and without their make up on? I believe it was called Pornstars Without Makeup.

Some people really liked Pornstars Without Makeup because it put a real woman’s face on a pornstar, because to these porn hating freaks pornstars are only sexual objects. Bunch of dickheads.

Other people hated the before and after pictures because it made them realize that porn isn’t real, but just a wonderful fantasy. Bunch of dickheads.

No matter how you felt about Pornstars Without Makeup, there’s a new 10 minute documentary that talks to makeup artist Melissa Murphy about her intentions behind the photos, the reaction to the photos, and just what it’s like to work in porn. Plus you get to see Sophie Dee’s boobs and Veruca James nude.

Pretty good 10 minute documentary, right?

I liked it. I especially liked the tour of the porn sets.

Veruca James is the freaking best also!

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Published on: May 16, 2013

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