Pornstars Teaching Sex Education?

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Abbey Brooks could be your sex-ed teacher

Porn is often accused of warping the minds of young people, turning them into sex perverts and misogynists.

Realistically, there is no evidence that can prove that. Anyone who tries to give you statistics or a scientific study saying otherwise is wrong because there are just too many variables to concretely say that porn is the reason for bad behavior.

The problem isn’t porn but the lack of proper sex education in schools. Porn is first and foremost a form of entertainment. However, because people are so easily offended by seeing sex or even talking about sex, people turn to porn for their sex education. Where the hell else are they going to go for it? They get told abstinence is the only option at school and don’t even think about bringing it up to your councillor at Church Camp.

Porn is the only place most people get sex education because it’s the only place where sex is displayed openly. Even though it’s a form of entertainment that does not intend to be didactic at all, people  still go to it to learn about sex.

I remember the first time I ever had sex (not trying to brag or nothing). Because the only thing I knew about sex was from what I had seen in porn, when I was ready to cum, I ripped off my condom and came in my partner’s face.

Needless to say, Mrs. Madison from next door wasn’t too happy. She was like, “Why did you cum in my face?” in one of the most annoyed tones of voice I have ever heard. I had made sure to tell her at some point between cleaning her pool and entering her bedroom that I was a virgin, so why she get so annoyed with me? I had no idea what I was doing, which should have been clear from that vaginal jabbing I had just given her.

I was just doing what I had seen in porn movies. Getting thrown out of Mrs. Madison’s house only moments after cumming in her face made me realize that porn was a lousy sex teacher.

But if porn is not an adequate sex education teacher…would pornstars be a better option?

One private school in Britain thinks that they might be. 

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Mark Slater, headmaster of The Leys in Cambridge (a private school that costs roughly $43,800 a year), said today that students need to be taught the differences between reality and what they see online. One option to accomplish this would be to invite a pornstar to teach sex education. Or I guess porn education…

Slater told the Telegraph, “I wouldn’t rule it out simply because of what they have done in their life if I felt that person was going to put across good values and be a good influence. I don’t think you can escape porn given that it’s almost impossible to legislate against what goes on the internet.

There are young people who have got easy access to all sorts of material which wasn’t accessible years ago. And I think what we have got to do is empower them with good judgment and make them understand that this kind of thing can be addictive, it can be damaging and a certain amount of willpower is necessary.”

This idea makes a lot of sense. Conventional teachers would not be able to explain the difference between sex and porn like a former or active pornstar could. Think about it this way…

Who would you rather have giving a lesson on war? A teacher reading from a textbook or a veteran?

Earlier today, I was reading Aurora Snow‘s latest editorial on the porn industry for The Daily Beast all about what life is like after a pornstar retires from porn (if you like Porno P.I.’s, you’ll like it. Actually, just get caught up on all of Aurora Snow‘s articles here).

This part really stuck with me though:

Many girls retire from doing scenes only to go on to feature dancing at strip clubs, web camming, or doing the soft-core late-night cable shows, all of which still involve nudity and pretty decent pay. It’s hard to quit cold turkey. It’s an even bigger challenge to try to do something with your clothes on, as retired adult star Brooke Haven discovered. The job market wasn’t as friendly as she’d hoped. “We want to hang up our G-strings, but then we realize the real world isn’t so forgiving,” she says. “I was applying for jobs all over the place and had to explain what I’d been doing for the last 10 years. They look at you like you’re lazy, like you’ve done nothing for 10 years. It’s tough.” Haven eventually found an office job with an adult agency, as quite a few girls do: “I work in the offices of Direct Models as a model coordinator because they asked me to come in and work and no one else is willing to hire me. It worked out well because I know so many people in the industry. They’re familiar faces.”

The difficulty some pornstars face going straight and getting regular jobs really fucking sucks. I mean, it’s not like they’re ex-cons! They haven’t done anything wrong. If anything, they’ve made a lot of people very happy (for like 3 to 15 minutes at a time).

Anyways, Aurora Snow‘s piece about how difficult it is for pornstars to work outside the industry after retirement and Headmaster Mark Slater entertaining the idea of getting a pornstar for sex education wishes that more educators would do the same thing got me thinking that they could solve each other’s problems. Former pornstars need jobs and students need to know how to interpret what they see online.

Having someone who has been in porn and can clearly articulate that what they see is a performance and form of entertainment, not real sex would be so beneficial to all these poor young people not getting proper sex education. Maybe it could even squash the notion that porn is bad for you.


Someday hopefully…

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