Would You Rather: Blonde vs Brunette

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Screen Shot 2013 09 26 at 4.16.12 PM Would You Rather: Blonde vs Brunette

Who would you rather?

Life’s all about making tough decisions like, “Which wire do I cut? The red or the blue?”

One decision I still struggle with today is: Do I go with the blonde or the brunette?

Specifically today I’m stuck trying to decide who I like better: Rosie Jones or Sam Cooke.

Both babes are gorgeous glamour models from the UK and they both have new photos via

Let’s take a look at their new pics:


Tell me, who is hotter?

Rosie Jones, the brunette on the beach wearing a pair of very sexy daisy-dukes?


Sam Cooke, the blonde in sexy black lingerie?


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  • Xrayxx

    Though I do have a slight preference for brunettes the poll is not a fair comparison. Rosie Jones and Sam Cooke have different body types, are not dressed like each other, different poses and the locations are different. I would have no problem with either Rosie or Sam. Add a woman of the same beauty and shape whose hair is auburn colored and she is almost guaranteed the win. Almost forgot, the hair should be styled basically the same. (IMHO)_not.