The Real Hook-Up Houses of New Jersey


Kendra Lust demonstrates the best way to sell a house

Being a real estate agent would be pretty sweet.

Think about it, everyone needs a place to live and there is absolutely no way that the real estate business will ever not be hella lucrative because of that fact.

But aside from making tons of money, there is one upside to being a real estate agent that you may not have thought of yet. While trying to sell vacant houses, you can use them as your own personal sex pads! 

According to, New Jersey realtor Robert Lindsay intentionally marked up the price of a home so that it wouldn’t sell. While it was vacant, he used the house for sexual escapades with a coworker.


I’ve heard of coworkers meeting in hotel rooms for afternoon trysts, coworkers banging in the bathroom of the bar downstairs, and plenty of office sex techniques but I’ve never heard of someone managing to use their product as a place to have sex.

I applaud you Robert Lindsay.

Sadly, though Robert Lindsay is a very creative horny dude, he is not a thorough one. The scheme fell apart after the couple was caught having sex on the home’s security video. The home owners have filed a lawsuit against the realty company for “alleging breach of trust and fiduciary duties.” The footage of Robert Lindsay and his female realtor friend banging in their bedroom and all over the house (because why confine yourself to just a bedroom when you have an entire empty home to bang in?) is being used as evidence so it’s unlikely that we’ll get to see it any time soon.

Mr. Lindsay and his cohort have been let go from their real estate jobs, but don’t let that scare you away! It’s still a damn fine idea and we can learn from Mr. Lindsay’s mistakes.

First, we get our real estate licenses.

Then we try to sell a house for twice as much as its worth.

Double check for Nanny-cams and security cameras. (If you find some disable them!)

Then you’re free to bang all day long with a coworker or prostitute in your very own free shag-pad!

Thank you Mr. Lindsay. Sacrificing your career will help millions have sex in stranger’s houses for many years to come.

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Published on: December 27, 2013

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