Remy LaCroix Retires

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Remy Lacroix

She came. She conquered. Now she’s moving on.

Remy LaCroix had only been in the industry for a short time but people took notice. Elegant Angel’s gave her the star treatment earlier this month by releasing Remy LaCroix, a feature dedicated to showcasing this young talent.

Last night on her blog, she had this to say, “There?s a multitude of reasons to give now, but the bottom line is that it just doesn?t feel right anymore? physically, mentally, or emotionally… I?m thankful for all the self-awareness and confidence this experience has forced upon me. Spending this time in my life being hot and spontaneous is something I will never regret.”

She has a few more scenes to complete in July but otherwise she’s done. It’s too bad to see Remy call it quits but at least she’s doing it her way. I would like to wish Remy all the best in whatever she chooses to pursue. I would also like to remind Remy that a comeback is more than welcome any time.

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