Remy Lacroix Yoga

Remy Lacroix yoga

I would go to Yoga if Remy Lacroix was my instructor

Last night I was shooting hoops because being good at basketball is a great way to attract women. If you don’t believe me, ┬ájust look at this list of the hottest NBA wives. There is one catch though…

Basketball is very physically demanding, which doesn’t really jive well for me because I spend 23 hours a day on the internet finding the best porn and sexiest erotica for you guys.

In other words, I am very sore today. Now I’m no physiotherapist but I’ve always been under the impression that stretching is the best way to alleviate soreness. So I went on the search for some stretching tips. And boy did I ever find a sexy yoga stretching video that you guys are going to like.

Introducing your new yoga instructor: Remy Lacroix!

Aesthetic Body Stretching // Naked. & Sexy. from LeDope on Vimeo.

After watching Remy Lacroix do Yoga I suddenly don’t feel sore anymore. Well, that’s not true. There’s definitely still some stiffness in my groin rejoin, but it doesn’t hurt. It feels pretty good actually.

Some of you Yoga nerds out there might say that Remy Lacroix isn’t really doing Yoga. She’s just stripping naked, pouring oil all over herself, and making her ass bounce.

Well you got some nerve, mister.

There are all kinds of different Yoga! Why can’t Remy Lacroix Yoga be a type of Yoga?

I here by declare Remy Lacroix Yoga to be the hottest new Yoga. All you need is a matt, a hula-hoop, a bottle of baby oil, and a sexy ass.

Once you have all the necessary materials, all you need to do to master Remy Lacroix Yoga is watch that video over and over again.

If you’re still not mastering Remy Lacroix Yoga from the instructional video above, you might benefit from looking at these Remy Lacroix Yoga pictures:


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