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Richelle Ryan

 Richelle Ryan isn’t just an Italian-American pornstar whose passion for sex shines through in every single picture and video she’s in, she’s also one of the most amazing feature dancer you’ll ever see! AND THAT BOOTY. Makes say, “Oh my…” every time I see it.

I’ve always been a big fan of Richelle’s and I’m thrilled that she made the time to come talk to us about crazy sex, the New York Giants, and other cool stuff.

Enjoy the Richelle Ryan interview!

Richelle Ryan!

Richelle Ryan!

–   Sorry I have to ask this right away. I saw on your Twitter that you once blew 5 Marines on a party bus with a midget stripper? How did that ever happen?

I was down in Florida for the weekend shooting for Bang Bros and went out 1 night to meet up with some of my friends and we went to a titty bar, started drinking and I of course started flirting with 1 of the marines and next thing I knew I dared them to all line up, drop their pants and let me work my way down the line and blow them all.

The midget was a stripper who worked at the club and even funnier was she wanted me to snowball all the cum to her so she could swallow it hahahaha. 

via @RichelleRyan

via @RichelleRyan’s Twitter

–    So that was the craziest sex you’ve ever had, what about the best sex?
Every time I’m on set and work with a new hot guy I always say it’s the best sex of my life lol. I’ve had a lot of them!!!

– How would someone like a lowly blogger give Ms Richelle Ryan multiple orgasms? What would he have to do?
Have a huge cock, and plow me hard!

–  If you could pick any man and woman to have a threesome with, who would you pick?
Definitely Johnny Depp and Marisa Tomei  yum :)

–  What is it about your booty that makes it the best?
It’s a heartbreaking booty ;)

Check out Richelle Ryan’s heartbreaking booty in action:

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– You’re the reigning Adult Feature Entertainer of the Year, how do you plan on repeating your victory?
Since I already won Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year I can’t be re-nominated but I plan on continuing to work hard traveling all over and performing the best shows for my fans :)

– What is the key to a good feature dance appearance?
In shape, nice hair and skin, makeup, sexy costumes and a good attitude

– I know you’re a big NY Giants fan, but as of right now their record is 4-7. Is it time to pick another football team?
FUCK NO!!! I’m a die hard fan and could never cheer for anyone else, I’m with them through the wins and painful losses.

– I didn’t realize this but you run your own website. What are the pro’s and con’s of running your website yourself?
I can’t take all the credit I do have a webmaster who uploads pictures and videos and does all the editing. I stay as hands on as possible with cam shows, responding to emails, updating my calender and runnning my online store.

– Fill  in the blank, “After this interview everyone should _________________”
Everyone should go check out and follow me on twitter and Instagram under RichelleRyan

You heard the lady! Follow her on Twitter (@RichelleRyan) and Instagram (RichelleRyan)!

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