Rihanna’s sexy hips

Rihanna's sexy bubble bath

Rihanna’s sexy bubble bath

As you all probably know by now, The Sex.com Blog is crazy about Rihanna. She is without a doubt one of the sexiest women alive. The only reason she’s not the sexiest woman alive is because she’s wasting her time on that Chris Brown clown. But Chris Brown is so shitty that it isn’t even worth our time shitting all over him.

Instead, let’s just watch Rihanna rehearse some sexy, striptease inspired choreography for the Diamonds world tour. Pay close attention to Rihanna’s sexy hips.

Even in sweats and all danced out, Rihanna’s sexy.

But really Rihanna’s sexiness is all in her hips. We went ahead and made a GIF so that you can see for yourself why Rihanna has sexy hips.

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Pay close attention to the swiveling of Rihanna’s sexy hips. What more could you want?

The point of this post was just remind you that Rihanna is sexy, Rihanna’s sexy hips are sexy, and Chris Brown can go fuck himself.

Never underestimate hips, guys. They’re right by the ass and just like the ass, they can have hypnotic powers.

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Published on: March 5, 2013

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