Rob Ford Sex Tape with Brandy Aniston Coming Soon?


Rob Ford + Brandy Aniston = Sex Tape of the Century

What comes to mind when I say, “Rob Ford“?

Crack cocaine? Hilarious GIFs? Chris Farley?

We could play this Rob Ford-word association game all day, but I doubt that sex is one thing you would associate with Rob Ford (even though he did state he eats his wife’s pussy a lot in a press conference).

Despite his grotesque appearance and erratic behavior, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford could be starring in his very own celebrity sex tape with adult superstar Brandy Aniston

TMZ has learned that Vivid Radio is set to make an offer to Rob Ford to star in his own celebrity sex tape because why the hell not? He already smoked crack as Mayor, which wasn’t enough to get him to step down. Why not really push things to the limit by getting him to star in his own sex tape?

When asked the obvious question of, “Why would you ever want to film a Rob Ford sex tape?” Vivid star Brandy Aniston said that she came up with the idea. She wants to co-star in the sex tape because she thinks, “He’s kinda cute, in a big, teddy bear kind of way.”

Well, at least that gives me some hope that Brandy Aniston will find me cute in a big, teddy bear kind of way.

The Rob Ford sex tape parody is already online at So Brandy Aniston might want to act fast. Watch the Rob Ford sex tape parody.

Normally I’d just laugh this offer off because it’s so ridiculous. However, I would say that Rob Ford accepting this chance to film a sex tape with Brandy Aniston is as ridiculous as Rob Ford denying smoking crack, then admitting smoking crack, using that admission of drug use as an opportunity to announce that he will not be stepping down and that he will be running for re-election in a year.

You just never know with this guy. If he can casually smoke crack, he might film a sex tape.

I know if I were Rob Ford, I’d be powerless to resist Brandy Aniston…and after you see her pictures, I’m sure you would be too:


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