Rob Gronkowski poses with Bibi Jones again

The original twitter picture of Bibi and Gronk

The summer of Gronk continues even though the NFL season is under way.

Ron Gronkowski set the NFL record for tight ends last season with 18 total touchdowns (17 receiving, one rushing) and yards (1,327) but has also been working on setting a record for off-the-field antics. The Patriots brass reprimanded him earlier this year for partying too hard.

Last year during his bye week, Gronk posed with porn star Bibi Jones (as you can see just to the right) for a picture posted on her Twitter. When this picture surfaced, the tight end (Ron Gronkowski not Bibi Jones) was forced to make a public apology. It may seem short-sighted to pose shirtless with a porn star wearing your jersey but Bibi revealed that Gronk brings his jersey on trips for times like these.

Since then Bibi Jones has retired from the industry, going by her legal name Britney Maclin. As Britney, she is still actively tweets explicit pictures on herself on her twitter (@Britney_Maclin) most recently a new picture of her with Gronk.

She posted the new photo with the caption “I pic of gronk of I that no one has never seen lol – naughty!”

Britney & Gronk – naughty!

Then she proceeded to tweet:

This past Sunday Gronk dropped key passes that led to a loss against the Cardinals. Afterwards, she tweeted:

It could mean that Britney was pranked by some people from Boston but there are some key words missing to make it a cohesive sentence. There is plenty of speculation that this new picture is from last year, because he’s wearing the same yellow shirt as in the other photo from last year:

Photo #2 from last year

Maybe it’s just his favorite yellow shirt? Maybe these two are dating? Maybe pro-athletes are always wanting more so they sleep with former and current porn stars all the time and Gronk just lifted the veil of silence?

One thing that we can be sure of is that Britney Maclin/Bibi Jones has admitted to sleeping with other professional athletes like Dan Uggla and Paul Bissonette.

What I would like to know is why would a girl who tearfully retired from the adult industry via videoblog continue to post naked pictures of herself on her Twitter? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just don’t get it.

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