Rolling in My Sweet Baby?s Arms

How do you set the mood when it?s time to seduce, sensualize, and sex up your pleasure partner? Low lighting and candles are key, but the rhythm of your rocking can be magically guided by the right music choice. So you?ve stepped up to your speakers, and are browsing your sacred tunes. What to choose? Shuffle? The radio?

If you?re looking to settle in for a long steamy session, you?re best off crafting a playlist, even if it keeps her waiting for 5 minutes, because the next 45 will be packed with far finer pleasure.
When selecting your sexual sonic surroundings, keep the following in mind:

  • Run your decision by her. You don?t want to cue up her old breakup LP.
  • Consider the lyrics. She doesn?t want to hear about some dude getting sucked off in a Porsche while you gently kiss her neck and tell her how beautiful she is.
  • Always go ad-free when streaming your songs. Nothing sucks the life out of sex like a blaring jingle for foot cream.
  • Only got one good CD? Hit repeat. If you?re in the groove, best keep it flowing.

Everyone has their personal taste in tunes, but for the sake of sex, mood-making is the main objective. Here are a few trusty albums I?ve spun through many a sensuous night:

  • Grover Washington Jr- ?Live at the Bijou.? Whether fast or slow, these long jams are drenched in funk, jazz, and body-moving groove.
  • Jeff Buckley ? ?Grace.? For the sacredly sensual moments with a longtime lover, this album will have your hearts heaving deep.
  • Dom ? ?Sun Bronzed Greek Gods.? Part dance and part croon, this upbeat indie-glam makes any randy rodeo a true party in the sheets.

If you?re looking to throw a bit of humor into the mix, try on some Barry White or Bernie Worrell. Both of these soul captains dish out countless porno-worthy grooves, and some freakadelic phrases sure to produce a hip-shaking smile.
Music is a key evolutionary component to seduction, so if you can?t carry a tune for squat, turn your stereo into a songbird, and fly to the moon in full sensory style.