Romi Rain’s New Elegant Angel Scene Reviewed!

Elegant Angel announced their Girl of the Month for August 2014 last week and it’s none other than the dark and beautiful Romi Rain!

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek at Romi Rain’s new Elegant Angel scene here now is our review of her brand new scene.

romi rain

Romi Rain

REVIEW: Romi Rain – Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month, August 2014.

I’ll be honest with you guys. Watching this scene was my introduction to Romi Rain.

Romi Rain has been shooting porn scenes since 2012, so while I was aware of her presence, I’d never taken the time to check out her videos.

After watching Romi Rain’s new Elegant Angel scene, it’s become clear to me that not taking notice of Romi Rain sooner has been a huge mistake. I feel like I’ve wasted two whole years of my life by not becoming a Romi Rain fan sooner. This porn scene is that good.

Like all of Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month scenes, Romi Rain’s begins with an interview.

Romi Rain interview

Romi Rain getting interviewed

Since this was my introduction to the raven haired beauty, I liked the interview. I’m a fan of any porn video that starts with an interview simply because it humanizes the pornstar that’s about to get fucked. When you hear her talk about her background, how she entered the porn industry, what she likes to do in her free time, her sexual history, her views on sex, etc. It makes the pornstar more real and less of a sexual object, which I think is hot.

Romi Rain’s interview lasts 15 minutes, which runs a bit long. That said, it’s worth watching bits and pieces of it to get to know Romi Rain a bit better. Whenever you feel like you know this big titted babe well enough, skip ahead to the sex.

The highlight of the interview comes around eight minutes in when Romi describes her sluttiest experience. At age 20, Romi Rain got with a married couple in their 30s. During that time, she experimented heavily with lesbian sex, anal sex, threesome sex and a duffle bag full of sex toys.

romi rain tease

Romi Rain teasing

Once the interview wraps up, Romi Rain is seen dressed in purple lingerie, hidden by a sheer curtain. She teases the camera as she strips out of her bra and panties, playing with her boobs and pussy along the way. Romi Rain’s tease is so hot that you’re at risk of blowing your load just by watching this.

Seriously, watching Romi explore her hot, toned body solo

The tease then concludes and we see Romi Rain in the tighest pink dress, showing off hella cleavage. She creeps over to none other than porn-superstar James Deen and they get straight to making out.

James Deen gets things going by fingering Romi Rain, removing that tight pink dress and eventually eating her out. Right away, the chemistry between the two performers is undeniable.

romi rain

James Deen eating Romi Rain out

She swallows his cock, they fuck doggy-style standing up and James Deen leads her over to the couch by pulling her hair. On the couch, James Deen and Romi Rain’s fucking becomes so hard and so hot that I can’t believe the couch didn’t burst into flames while they were filming this porn scene.

The only thing I didn’t like about this scene is that James Deen kept trying to fist Romi Rain’s mouth. I don’t know what that’s all about. It’s definitely an act of domination…but is he trying to make her puke? I don’t get it. What’s wrong with a good ol’ fashioned choking, James? Besides trying to make her puke (which truthfully only happens once or twice as far as I can remember), this scene rocks.

romi rain

Surely that is no ordinary couch.

Finishing up with swallowing part of James Deen’s load, the sex portion of Romi Rain’s new Elegant Angel is 30 minutes of the hottest porn you’ll ever see.

All in all, this 50-minute porn epic needs to be watched. It’s not every day you find a porn video where the star gets so wrapped in enjoying the sex that it doesn’t seem like work to them. This is such a porn video.

OVERALL: 9.7/10

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